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Do Men and women have equal rights?

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GCSE English aural Do Men and women have equal rights? 2 person debate This is our discussion on the equal rights for men and women in our society. In this discussion each of us are going to give different opinions on the subject - " Do men and women have equal rights and opportunities in this modern day and age". o Women get the same wage as men if they are as capable. Some women may not have the same qualifications as men or vice versa, so this will affect the wage they receive. As for the " Champions", the government have tried their best to apply this technique to as many businesses as possible, but this is not always the way. People get bonuses on the standard of their work, not on whether they're male or female. o Specific jobs like manual labour, can't be an option for a job for some women because of their strength and body structure. ...read more.


This is why employers tend not to employ pregnant women, not because they are women, but because they know that they will have to get in temporary staff until they come back to work, which will cost them more money in the long run, but if the women has been in the same company for a long time and she becomes pregnant, the company has to pay her full salary for around 6 months whilst on maternity leave and she will have her job to go back to when the maternity leave is up, and it has been known for men to take maternity leave so the same rules apply for him. We have come to the conclusion that in most cases men and women do have equal rights, but the minority of people still feel that only men should be pilots and only women should be hair dresses. This minority is stopping the development in the fight for equal rights. Thank you for listening to our views. ...read more.


But why shouldn't women become engineers, and men nurses? It's all about what people think is right, but the question is what is right? How is it that one woman who is more capable, of becoming a doctor have less chance of getting the job than a man. It is said that British men on average earn �116 more per week than their female colleagues. * Employment minister Tessa Jowell said on BBC news " we have more women in work than ever before. But for every pound a man earns, a women working in a broadly equivalent job gets 81 pence" She has pledged to work with businesses to improve opportunities for women. * Women maybe discriminated because of pregnancy and maternity leave, as this is an inseparably link between them, they may be refused a job, promotion or training. After hearing our discussion on the point of equal rights for men and women, how many of you feel that men and women do have equal rights in our community to this day. Does anyone have any questions? ...read more.

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