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Do these Sources give similar or different impressions of Stalin?

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GCSE History Coursework Assignment 2. 1: Do these Sources give similar or different impressions of Stalin? Source B is a source that supports Stalin. Stalin is being portrayed as a very friendly, and tolerable man. He looks like an avuncular, fatherly figure to the workers or the whole of Russia. Stalin is standing next to one of his great industrial achievement and hydroelectric dam, with some of the workers from this dam. This shows Stalin as a very kind and as a person who doesn't mind mixing with the lower class people, unlike the previous leader (before Lenin) the Tsar who would never do this kind of thing. This also fits with the communist system because everyone should be equal and it is mainly the working classes who support communism so this is a good promotional painting. ...read more.


So these women are usually quite important and civilized women but to reach out towards Stalin in this manor is quite unusual. This gives the people who look at this photograph will think look at Stalin a very popular and kind person, who gives up his time to shake hands with his loyal supporters. He also is smiling and looks happy to talk to these women. Overall this is a source that is showing people that Stalin is a kind and nice man, a man of the people who always has time to talk and shake hands with his supporters. Source A on the other hand is a poster against Stalin. It is a cartoon, which has been written by Russian exiles that are living in France, and it is mocking Stalin, the text is in French and says, " Visit the USSR's pyramids ". ...read more.


Source B is an official Soviet painting. So this tells us that it is going to be a pro Stalin source because it is an official painting, this means it has been released by the government and Stalin basically is the government so it has to support him. Source C is a photograph taken in the 1930s. I think this photo is a fake because in the 1930s Stalin rarely left the Kremlin and I think that it is just a promotional photo to rally support for Stalin. It also says that Stalin is congratulating the wives of army officers, they must have been the wives of the officers that Stalin kills in his purge of the army. So overall I think that all of these sources either support or criticize Stalin for very different reasons as I have described above. Page 1 of 2 pages. Philip. Gonsalves 07/05/07 ...read more.

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