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Do you consider the murder of President Kennedy to have been committed by Lee Harvey Oswald or do you subscribe to the conspiracy theory?

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Do you consider the murder of President Kennedy to have been committed by Lee Harvey Oswald or do you subscribe to the conspiracy theory? What caused you to doubt the findings of the Warren commission and who in the final analysis do you think is responsible? It is an extremely difficult task to sit at home and write a detailed account on a controversial event that shocked the world 37 years ago. Ten months after the tragedy took place, an inquiry headed by Chief Justice Warren had reached a much-debated conclusion to the mystery surrounding the President's untimely death. The date was 22nd November 1963 and at 11:40 on that sunny Friday morning the President had arrived at Love Field Airport, Dallas. It was Kennedy's own decision to ride through the streets of Dallas to raise his popularity, which at that time was flagging .In the car that morning was Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, and Governor Connally and his wife. The motorcade had planned to turn down into Main Street where the crowds were waiting but instead turned into Houston Street, the car at this time travelling at 15 mph, it then turned into Elm street and the speed of car was then 11 mph .The next events are much disputed by people. All we know for sure is that a number of shots are fired and one hits Kennedy fatally in the back of the head, and that Connally is also injured in the shooting. ...read more.


Many witnesses claim to have seen two men hanging around that area in the grassy knoll and a staggering 51 witnesses heard shots coming from that area too, why did the Warren Commission ignore this? The couple of men standing in the crowd could quite possibly have put up the umbrella and one of them maybe could've faked the epileptic fit but this seems a very extreme way to attract someone's attention. If the motorcade had kept to the originally planned route of travelling down Main Street then perhaps Kennedy's death would never of taken place. Somebody had earlier phoned the government headquarters and changed the route to Elm Street the phone call also advised to lower the security, which was also approved. Now whoever did this must have been an insider and quite important for the orders to be accepted and Oswald did not have the authority to do this. The reason this phone call was carried out was obviously to get the best possible shot at their target, but the chance when Kennedy was opposite the book depository was not acted upon and the gunman waited. I don't think that Oswald fired the final fatal shot to Kennedy's head. What the conspirators didn't realise that while their assassination was running to plan the Zapruder film was rolling and would be part of the crucial evidence that would uncover the conspiracy. The whole murder was being filmed on the stone pergola and had a very clear picture from when Kennedy came down Elm Street and at the time of all the shots. ...read more.


So the remaining assassins had managed to set Oswald up and had succeeded, but how would they shut him up? Jack Ruby had definitely known Oswald before he shot him and he was involved with the police and the underworld scene, it's possible he shot Oswald on purpose so he wouldn't tell the police of the conspiracy. If Ruby had done this he must have been prepared to die as a martyr and to give every thing up to maintain the secret of the conspiracy. Who could possibly have murdered Kennedy is a whole other issue, but there are a number of possible assassins. The Mafia have been associated with the murder and also disgruntled Cuban exiles that were involved with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. The whole reason that Kennedy was in Dallas that day was part of his re- election campaign, so perhaps a competitor had organised the conspiracy to make way for a new President. And that draws me to my conclusion. With all the evidence I have gathered I have managed to thoroughly convince myself to agree with the conspiracy theory. That John F Kennedy had not been murdered by the lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald but in a vicious conspiracy. He was the youngest President ever elected and was blessed with children and a loving wife but his life was cut short and his untimely death was caused by other's hatred. Just because the Warren Commission couldn't face up to the fact of the conspiracy theory doesn't mean the world shouldn't know about the truth of the biggest murder mystery of the 19th century. John and Jackie Kennedy at Love Field Airport ...read more.

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