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Do you think Martin Luther King deserves his reputation for being a great leader of the Civil Rights movement? What were his strengths and weakness? Overall, what is your verdict?

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Do you think Martin Luther King deserves his reputation for being a great leader of the Civil Rights movement? What were his strengths and weakness? Overall, what is your verdict? Dr. Martin Luther King's actions during the Civil Rights movement of the 1950's and 1960's demonstrated that, in the eyes of many, he was one of the greatest leaders of all time. His tactics of peaceful protest won him much praise and when he was killed in 1968, the non-violent protests faded out and were unable to continue without him, deepening the impression that he was an essential leader. However, his perverse private life and some of his actions has led his leadership qualities to be questioned. So, does King deserve the acclamation he receives from the majority of people for being a great leader, or was he just an ineffective pacifist? Martin Luther King certainly has many attributes that can support the claim that he was a great leader. He has won the Nobel Peace Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom before being assassinated in 1968. ...read more.


Privately, King's own supporters knew that non-violence was not an outlook shared by everyone and fellow civil rights leaders such as Malcolm X condemned King claiming that his methods where unrealistic. Non-violence was unsuccessful in Albany, 61' and 62', was ineffective in Chicago and caused both injury and death to innocent blacks throughout all movements. Some argued that for a black man to be submissive to white brutality only increased white self-supremacy and that violent protests gained much more media attention. King wanted to able to appeal the "decent" white to increase sympathy for blacks in states. To do this he insisted that the right thing to do was to follow Jesus' teachings and to love your enemy. Thanks to television the protests where accessible to most Americans, many who were shocked at the violent treatment of the peaceful blacks creating the desired sympathy. Many whites joined the SNCC and CORE to protest alongside blacks that King considered a great achievement. One must also predict the result if blacks had practised violent protests. ...read more.


His non-violent protest was unique in history and inspired some support to his name. More importantly, it swung the opinion of the neutral in favour of blacks. No one achieved as much as King during the Civil Rights Movement and his orchestrated campaigns strengthened national political strategy. Although some issues in his private life do cloud his image, it has to said that his actions during the Civil Rights Movement overshadow them. Claims that King was a coward for not leading his own Marches quite frankly are ludicrous. Could you name one leader in the twentieth century that actually led and fought in his own wars/battles/movements? Martin Luther King totally deserves credit that he truly is a great leader. His strategy led to a few casualties but the images of blacks being persecuted for doing nothing won sympathy from the public which led to the Civil Rights Act of 64'. Certainly, using children and preventing woman from taking part in the movement certainly was not a great move. However, can you think of any other great leader who did not make mistakes? Martin Luther King is a great leader, period. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chris Buley February essay History AS ...read more.

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