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Do you think the war on terror will succeed?

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Do you think the war on terror will succeed? There are ways in which the war on terror will succeed but there are also ways in which it will not. There are many good intentions which the war on terror was started with but unless they are successfully thought through and processed properly, it will cause many problems throughout the world which may progress into a third world war. The ways in which the war on terror has succeeded already is that "...background by the mayhem..." from Source 16, could possibly cause the terrorist leaders to become reckless and make fatal mistakes causing them to be found and captured. Capturing the leaders is one of the motives of the war on terror thus making this a success. Another quote, also from Source 16 says "Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib..." ...read more.


The main success of the war on terror is that Saddam Hussein was captured and hanged, thus showing that some terrorist leaders have been captured and more may be in the future. Overall the war on terror has had quite a few successes so far and more may become noticed soon. From this information I would say that the war on terror could be a success. The war on terror could also be a failure because of the following failures that have already come to pass. "...background by the mayhem..." from Source 16 shows that democracy has not been taken on board by the terrorist nation, thus meaning that this is a failure of one of the motives, trying to introduce democracy. "...the Patriot Act has restricted civil liberties..." also supports this motive because restricting civil liberties is against what the democracy that USA are trying to enforce. ...read more.


Overall there are also many failures of the war on terror. From this information the war on terror may not succeed. In conclusion I would say that the war on terror is destined for failure because only one terrorist leader has been captured so far and many more are out there. Also attacks are still happening which shows that the security and safety that the war on terror was supposed to bring, has not come. I believe that the war on terror could last for many years to come and even if it is successful, will have to happen again. If every terrorist leader and terrorist is killed or captured then that is not the end. Terrorism could be seen like a religion. It could die out for years until a certain person hears of it and decides to bring it back, thus resulting in another war. In my eyes the war on terror will never end thus never succeeding. ?? ?? ?? ?? Karne Gardiner ...read more.

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