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Does the history of the blacks in the USA suggest that they have had achieved equality by the end of the 20th Century?

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Does the history of the blacks in the USA suggest that they have had achieved equality by the end of the 20th Century? I believe that black people In the united states of America have gained more equality than before when they first arrived in USA however not full equality to white people. Most of the first black slaves came from West Africa were they were captured and sent to the states this was when most people lived in villages or small towns within separate kingdoms, each having their own traditions and cultures. At the end of the 14th century Europeans started to take people from Africa against their will. Initially they were mainly used as servants for the rich. When Spanish and Portuguese sea-captains began to explore the Americas they took their African servants with them. Some of these Africans proved to be excellent explorers. The most important of these was Estevanico, who led the first European expedition to New Mexico and Arizona. ...read more.


Later, Tubman returned to rescue the rest of the family. This was the first of 19 secret trips she made to the South, during which she guided more than 300 slaves to freedom. Tubman's activities became so notorious that plantation owners offered a $40,000 reward for her capture. The turn for the black slaves in America came when in November 1860, 11 states broke away from the United States of America and formed Confederate States of America, fearing the fact that President Lincoln would take their rights which included keeping slaves and having taxes low. Most of northern states had banned slavery there were many who wanted to abolish it but the main reason for the civil war was to keep America together and not to free slaves however President Lincoln let this become a central issue as the war progressed as more people were needed to defeat Confederate States of America so that it would only be the United States of America. ...read more.


Although equality for blacks has increased in America there are still problems now as well for example in 1990 the average income of a black family was less than half of an average white family.. In 1992 serious riots started in Los Angles after four white policemen were acquitted of beating up a black person Rodney King. A passer-by had filmed this but the mainly white jury found the policemen not guilty. Thousands of dollars of worth of damage was caused. Unemployment is higher in mainly black ghettos of America's large cites are as high as 65 percent. However on the other side Bill Clinton appointed 5 black people as members of his cabinet in 1993. Many black people are in TV, film literature and music also the secretary of state in America is Colin Powell who is a black man. So in conclusion I believe that black people of America have achieved equality however not full equality I also think that the reason Bill Clinton appointed 5 black people in Cabinet was to show people he wasn't prejudices and didn't chose them for their intelligence. ...read more.

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