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Does the term 'divided nation' accurately describe the USAin the 1960's?

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Does the term 'divided nation' accurately describe the USA in the 1960's? In this essay I will be trying to find out whether the term 'divided nation' accurately describes America in the 1960's. B y the term 'divided nation' I mean was this country split? I will be looking at the Civil Rights Movement, and how it affected America, also I will be looking at other protests and events, also looking at the New Frontier. The New Frontier took place took place between 1961-63. In 1960 the presidential elections were held. There were two candidates Richard Nixon and John Kennedy. Kennedy was very successful and had a large percentage of the nation backing him. Nixon also had a lot of support gained by television appearances. Nearly 69 million votes were cast in the election. ...read more.


If you compare the two speeches they have changed considerably, so had John Kennedy set his hopes to high at first? In 1960 over 10% of the population were African-American. In the south segregation remained, the Southern politicians were determined to keep segregation and deny black people equal rights, most Southern schools remained segregated too. Black Americans were becoming impatient by the very slow progress being made in getting hold of there full civil rights. Black people thought that Kennedy didn't want to upset the Southern politicians. Martin Luther King organised non violent protests in demand for the desegregation of public facilities. Martin Luther King was arrested while leading a demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama. The chief of police ordered his men to attack Kings Supporters with tear gas, fire hoses, dogs and even electric cattle prods. More than 3,000 men, women and children were taken to jail. ...read more.


In 1961 the Interstate Commission decided that all buses would be desegregated. The Freedom Riders had won this battle. I the 1960's there was another part to the civil rights movement this was feminism. The women believed that they should be equal to men. They didn't want to a stereotype house wife that did all the household chores. Women went to work and noticed that they were being paid much less than men when they were doing exactly the same job at the same standard. The feminists used strikes and took legal action to try to increase wages and open higher job opportunities for women. I think that the term divided nation does describe America in the 1960's because of the racism, this caused people to spilt up in communities, and the women's civil rights act caused women to stand up against discrimination from men, so I would say that America in the 1960's was a divided nation. Sophie Harwood 10SP ...read more.

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