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Dr Martin Luther King And Sir Abraham Lincoln

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English Essay Dr Martin Luther King And Sir Abraham Lincoln In 1863 Abraham Lincoln Performed his famous Gettysburg address speech to a crowd of people in Washington. Abraham Lincoln was preaching about civil rights and equal rights for all people in the U.S.A. Exactly 100 years later (1963) Dr Martin Luther King Preached His World Famous Speech "I have a dream" in front of 210,000 people on the centenary of the "Gettysburg Address". Martin Luther King's speech was directed at the people of America about equal rights for the black citizens of the United States of America. ...read more.


"we cannot consecrate... We cannot hallow this ground" Creating an effect of togetherness and importance. Both the speeches use past, present and future tense when describing how they plan to conquer the problems in American society. The speeches tend to differ in terms of vocabulary and use of grammatical language i.e. Martin Luther Kings use of biblical terms and jesters like "Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial injustice" where he uses almost a 'poetic' style of writing which captivates the audience almost if u like intriguing them to give themselves confidence. ...read more.


Abraham's is that Americas for father set it upon themselves to make America a great nation and now it's up to us to for fill their dream. I think the message of Martin Luther Kings speech is that America is a great nation and that its up to us to let the black citizens of America have equal rights I prefer Martin Luther Kings Speech because the use of retro/old fashioned language and a more lengthier and upbeat tempo of speech, which easily got me intrigued. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Homework by Chen Shire 9M By Chen Shire 2 Miss O'borne ...read more.

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