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Dunkirk was both a deliverance and a disaster. Is there sufficient evidence to support this view in sources D to I.

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Dunkirk was both a deliverance and a disaster. Is there sufficient evidence to support this view in sources D to I. Dunkirk was an event that can be interpreted in many different ways. However within these sources there is only enough evidence to support one of the outstanding ways in the question, deliverance. This is due to the fact that the sources are in support of Dunkirk and are positive means that disaster is not mentioned because they want to uplift the spirit and make people believe. There is some support, just not enough. In the written sources there are many points that are in support of deliverance. They show this by talking about the bravery of men in source G "Our men have gained immeasurably in experience of warfare and in self-confidence", they also comment on the number of men saved in source H "TENS OF THOUSANDS SAFELY HOME ALREADY" and finally how organized they where "As I saw them tramping along a pier, still in formation" showing that they where proud and even if they are home they still want to be part of the B.E.F. ...read more.


Also other thing such as when the "Minister of War" writes a quote he has to write it in a way that will boost his soldiers because it's his job to them convinced and keep their morale up. Another reason for them being positive is that they have not yet discovered the long term affects because they are all written during the battle par one which is written in 1965 this means he can look back and comment on the overall picture rather than just the situation the soldiers where in. However we know that these sources are not completely representative due to the fact o the DORA (Defence of the realm) act which limited the content that was shown in the papers. We can prove this buy looking at who has taken the picture in source D which in the case is taken by Charles Cundall who would be under the DORA act and only be allowed to perceive the battle of Dunkirk in a good way he was also commissioned by the government to paint this picture meaning he also had to make it look as if the government are doing a good job organizing the operation. ...read more.


If these source would have been German then they would, in my opinion be the complete opposite for example in sources F where the British soldiers are shooting up at the planes the point of view would be from the plane looking down at the venerable little soldiers getting attacked to make the German army look powerful and as if they have every think under control. In conclusion, Operation Dynamo can be perceived as both a disaster and deliverance, but due to the fact that these sources lack vital information pushes these sources to the side of deliverance. This would be mainly because all bar one was wrote during the battle of Dunkirk and was therefore under the act of DORA so the content within the picture or article would have to suite the government guidelines which were supporting the B.E.F as we would hope. However, the one article that was written after the battle of Dunkirk, which was sources I, just does not have enough sufficient information to prove in Dunkirk being a disaster. ...read more.

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