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Elizabeth I portraits

Extracts from this document...


1. Introduction There is no doubt that the health and fitness sector is about to enter one of the most exciting periods with the NHS and social care markets opening up. Furthermore, increased emphasis on personal responsibility for one's own health combined with an extremely challenging economic climate which may see waiting lists for physiotherapy get longer means that there will be huge opportunities to reach an ever widening market and audiences. For APPI, good communications and marketing will be essential to make the most of the opportunities available and stand out in what is an incredibly crowded and competitive market place. Freshwater Healthcare is a healthcare specialist with over 17 years' of marketing and communications experience working within the health and social care and has a thorough understanding of the ever changing challenges it faces. Whether our clients are launching innovative products and services or aim to become recognised as experts in their field, we have enabled them to achieve their aims and provided them with an excellent return on their investment in marketing and communications. Combining our healthcare expertise with the lessons and techniques from commercial PR, and providing marcomms, PR and communications support to a diverse range of clients, we believe we are well placed to deliver and implement an effective Marketing and Communications Strategy to raise APPI's and Glenn and Elisa Withers' profile in the media and beyond. We would be delighted to work with you on this project and support you in your bid to put APPI on the map. Our understanding of the brief Freshwater has been asked to put together a media relations proposal for a one year term to raise the personal profile of Glenn Withers and Elisa Withers while raising the profile of the three Pilates Art Physiotherapy clinics to consumer and professional audiences. Additionally, we have been invited to consider how we could offer strategic marketing advice to develop the APPI brand and sub-brands. ...read more.


is something that customers ask for by name ... is the name used by customers when talking about the product/service with other people ... is when people think of the name rather than the product/service ... is something which has developed a personality of its own, beyond the product/service itself ... is something that people would pay a premium for under that and no other name. b. What are our sub-brands? Beyond APPI's core brand offering - that it trains fully qualified physiotherapists - there is currently remarkably little sub-branding. Sub-brands are products with the same fundamental mission as the "mother brand", but a slightly different personality, to reach a new target audience and/or charge a price premium. Sub-brands are often created to appeal to specific audiences - but its important to consider how the brand and sub-brand support each other. For example, the sub-brand can feed off the core brand by 'borrowing' its brand values (quality, excellence etc.). But its existence should not dilute the strength of the core brand - it should 'give something back'. Sub-brands tend to work best when they trip off the tongue or act as a first name and a surname. (Successful examples include: Johnson's Baby, Ford Fiesta, BigMac and the Apple ranges i-Pod, i-Phone, i-Pad.) As we can see from the competitor analysis, successful competitors have developed a range of sub-brands and a number of USPs to sell their brand to their audiences. It is therefore crucial that we explore the best way in which to package and sell the APPI brand, developing a number of sub-brands, USPs and, essentially, concepts market it to a wide range of audiences if we are to compete successfully with other companies in the market. We should consider, for example, what are the core brand values we wish to promote across our business - and which are unique to the sub-brands? ...read more.


FINALLY... Social media Social media can be a very useful tool in supporting all the above activity to help reach as wide an audience as possible and lock in key messages but it does require active management. Freshwater recommends that some elements of social media are built in to the campaign, such as monitoring what is being said across the online community and setting up threads and forums on sites such as Mumsnet (targeting mums and mums to be), consumer online magazines and other related sites to ensure that APPI and its spokespeople have a voice and ongoing presence. 4. Our consultancy rates In order to deliver value for money and ensure sufficient capacity, work would be undertaken at the most appropriate level of seniority so that senior input is used when required. The sample below illustrates costings - these could be graded up or down depending on how much APPI wants to spend. Workstream 1 Activity Days Cost Aims and objectives branding strategy session 0.5 day �770 (AD) Writing up strategy and recommendations 2 days �1,540 (AD) Total cost (exc VAT) �2,310 Workstream 2 Activity Days Cost Stage 1: Scoping 5 days �770 x 2(AD) and �560 x 3 = �3,850 Stage 2: Developing collateral 12 days �770 x 12 (AD) = �9,240 Stage 3: Media relations (1 activity per month or 10 activities per year) * Campaigns Interviewing spokespeople/case studies Writing press release and issuing Selling in * Developing feature packages Interviewing case studies/spokespeople Writing feature and selling in to targeted press * Events Writing press release/invite and issuing Selling in * Responding to topical issues Writing and issuing response * Exploring opportunities for sponsorship/competitions 4 days each 5 days 3 days 0.5 day 5 days �560 x 4 (AE) = �2,240 �770 x 3 (AD) = �3,850 �560 x 3 (AE) = �1,680 �1050 x 0.5 = �525 (DD) �1050 x 5 = �5,250 (DD) ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE History Projects section.

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