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Emily Wilding Davison

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Script - The Death of Emily Davison First Slide,, Who - Naomi There are many reasons why Emily Davison had jumped in front of the Kings horse. Many people thought that she was courageous and she proved to be an appeal infinitely more eloquent than all the words of all the speeches could be. She taught the nation, that there are women who care so passionately, for the vote and means that they are willing to die for it. Second Slide,, When And What- Krishna. When - This incident happened on the 5th of June 1913, which was the day of the world famous Horse Race - The Derby At Epson Race Course. It was at the time when the Suffragettes and Suffragists were fighting for the votes for women, this shows that it was done to draw even more attention, and to raise an issue. What - Emily Davison threw herself over the barriers and onto the racecourse, interfering with the race, nearly killing Demii Others thought that, it was a ridiculous idea, and unlikely to increase the popularity of the women's cause. ...read more.


shouldn't give them the vote as its making the women's cause seem needy instead of actually looking like they want the vote. Slide 4 Demi Read from the slide Slide 5 Krishna On the eve of the Derby Emily Davison went with two friends to a wspu event in the Empress rooms, Kensington. With a fellow militant in whose flat she lived, she planned a Derby protest without tragedy - a mere waving of the purple, white and green at Tattenham Corner, which was hoped to stop the race. Kasera Whether from the first her purpose was more serious, or whether a final impulse, altered her resolve. I know not. Her friend declares that she would not have thus died without writing a farewell message to her mother. Yet she sewed the wspu colours inside her coat as though to ensure that no mistake could be made as her motive when her dead body should be examined. ...read more.


Evidence for this was that she had supposedly been seen in the weeks before stopping horses in the lane outside her house, however this is only one of many theories of why she was on the race track. Naomi Women who were fighting for suffrage were already viewed as deviant in so many ways, so this one act probably did more to unite those women involved in the cause, as for those against, it took a few more years and a world war to convince them. Demi On the whole we can see that Emily Davison fought in what she believed in. However we can also see that she had non intention whatsoever to die. Many people looked up to her e.g the women mostly the suffragettes. Except others like some mp's thought that it was another suffragette act of harm as that was what they were known for. Furthermore we can see from this that Emily Davison was a middleclass woman who intended to do whatever to get women the vote. All:thanku ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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