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Essay Explain why Roosevelt introduced the New Deal

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Essay Explain why Roosevelt introduced the New Deal In this essay I am going to split it into four parts. The four parts are: * The period 1920 1929, the "Boom" years. * What went wrong in the period 1929 - 1930? * The inability of the Republican Party under President Hoover to solve the problem - Why? * I will then write a conclusion summing up to show that something had to be done in a different way to solve the problem. The period 1920 - 1930 the boom years The "Boom" years existed between 1920 - 1929. The economic boom in the USA was caused by the huge demand on all materials. This was because the US sent money and food to the alliances to help them repair both the economic condition and the military so they return to the state they were before. The return of the US doing this was that the alliances had to pay them back but with extras in it. The US later more or less everybody rich had a car this lead to more and more work available. ...read more.


This caused the economy to collapse and the US is in trouble. This was a description by the stock exchange guardian "They roared like lions. They hollered and screamed, clawed at one another's collars. It was a bunch of crazy men. Every once in a while, when shares in radio or Steel took another tumble, you'd see some poor devil collapse and fall to the floor." By 1929 people saw the crash coming so the banks raised interest rates hoping people would get off the margin but this was not effective. So something had to be done about it. The inability of the Republicans to solve the problem The government thought that the economy would soon recover by itself, but he was wrong. The reason why Hoover did this was because of Laissez-Faire. This is a economic theory this is saying that the government should leave the economy as it is and should interfere as little as possible in the operation of trade and the relation between employers and workers. This is so the economy would be there to benefit everyone. This theory fits into individual freedom. ...read more.


Hoover was replaced by Democratic candidate Franklin D Roosevelt Governor of New York State. The reason why Hoover lost was because people completely lost confidence in him but he tried at the last minute to help the people he set out private charities and individual states to help people. This did not help at all and to finish it off the Hawley Smoot tariff was introduced this was to increase the taxes which people hated. Something has to be done In conclusion Hoover was overpowered by Roosevelt. This is because.Even though Hoover tried his best he was not very good simply of the reason of him believing in rugged individualism. This did not help but Hoover did nothing to help so people decided another way was needed this was the FDR. Hoover's idea compared to Roosevelt was not very good. Even though Hoovers were good to his people he did not have the ability to persuade people that he was good so people didn't like him much. Also since when he joined all the problems that arrived were so devastating that Hoover couldn't repair. The rise of FDR was so powerful that most people voted for him this was because people thought he could change everything and that his plan the New Deal was excellent. ...read more.

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