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"Evacuation was a great success" Discuss

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"Evacuation was a great success" I would say that "success" means doing something according to the plan so it means that did evacuation work as it supposed to? A historian would argue about being "success" by looking at the good points and bad points. So did evacuation save lives? Evacuation started on 31st August 1939. At this time the government controlled all the aspects of media wanted to give the public the impression that evacuation was popular among those affected and put out propaganda pictures and film to this effect,. At this time the government media was all biased and they wanted to persuade mothers to evacuate their children for there safety. Some parents had realised that they could not put their children in danger and some did not realise that it was serious. In source A it shows a photograph of hundreds of children being evacuated and going towards the station. The aim for the source was to show that everything was working well and the way they planned it. I would say that the source is biased because you can see that it shows children was calm, which was untrue they were very worried and scared. ...read more.


I would say that the information is made up because these sorts of things did not happen. I would say that the source could be called a tertiary because the writer did not write about experience evacuation and it has been taken more then 30 years after which is likely that children would not remember. The aim of the source is to show children how it was experienced and the way they would be treated. In the source you can see that the children "giggled" which shows that it was fun and exciting for them. The source talks about the children being poor and they could not afford slippers, and she talks about no space in the suitcase for children to bring slippers with them. Source C could be used to show how people were living in towns and also most people were poor. A lot of hosts realised how the living conditions were and the way people were treated. Looking at source D it shows the government's persuasive poster to encourage people to look after children. Evidence such as ""you will be doing a real service for the nation". It shows that the government used such language to persuade people to look after the children. ...read more.


Most evacuees were school children. A lot of school children did not want to get evacuated mostly because leaving their parents. I would say that evacuation was very successful because it saved many lives. It would be wrong to go against the government because it was an emergency and no one else had a better plan that that. If the government had done nothing millions of people would have died. So I would say evacuation was better than nothing. This would have lead to a low moral and Britain would have lost the war. In September 1939 I million coffins were ordered to London. Luckily the British professional was wrong. The German air raids were not that powerful as the British had expected. 60 thousand civilians died in the air raids, which show that it did affect the British a lot. Overall I would say that evacuation changed the living conditions and also, lives. Some people thought it was going to be fun and some thought it was hard and powerful. In one way if there were no evacuation a lot of innocent people would have died, so I think that evacuation was a good plan for an emergency attack by the Germans, which was very likely. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 By HABIB AKKURT 11R ...read more.

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