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Evacuation was a great success' Do you agree or disagree with this interpretation? Explain your answer using the sources and knowledge from your own research.

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'Evacuation was a great success' Do you agree or disagree with this interpretation? Explain your answer using the sources and knowledge from your own research. The aims of evacuation were to save as many lives as possible and to keep the war effort going under the air raids. But to what extent did it achieve these aims? I will investigate the processes many successes and failures and come to an over all conclusion as to the success or failure of evacuation. The evacuation process had many successes such as how organised and well implemented it was. A video I viewed called 'the evacuees' by Jack Rosentha showed children practicing before the event showing they where well prepared. There are limitations and doubts to this source as it is fiction and may be showing a false image of evacuation. But the video was made by a real evacuee and I see no bias, but to see if the video portrayed an accurate image of how organised evacuation was I would need to cross reference it will a reliable source. ...read more.


Also through the process of evacuation many new families where formed, many kids benefited from a change in surroundings: "We where treated like royal princesses...happy memories." 2* The above quote from source F showed many children where happy there and enjoyed there time. The source is from an eye witness account and has no bias aims: "...children who remained fitted in well and both they and the local children benefited from the experience." 3* Another source showing a positive view on evacuation was source D. This showed that all the children evacuated before when the poster was released (1940) where very happy and contented. Whilst analysing this source I noticed it is a piece of propaganda issued by the government with a bias towards evacuation. It has a clear purpose to encourage more people to foster. This is a bias source and I kept that in mind whilst viewing it. Though evacuation had many successes it also had many failures as well. ...read more.


This was a blow to the evacuation scheme and caused the end to the overseas evacuation scheme. Many evacuees tell of unhealed scars that evacuation has caused them and how traumatic it was. But many also say about how much it benefited them and how they enjoyed it. I think that evacuation was achieved its aims but caused many children trauma while doing this. It also never followed up on children to check how they where or if they where looked after properly. I think it was handled well until they reached there destination where the where left to fend for themselves. Overall I think it achieved its aim of saving many lives but was a failure for those involved. Footnotes: 1*: Doris Jackson, a real life evacuee who was evacuated from London in 1940. 2*: Evacuation: Home ground. A video where real evacuees talked about there experiences. 3*: Evacuation and Billeting 'A remarkable success' 4*: An extract from a statement from a 17 year old evacuee for the mass observation organisation. 5*: Carries War by Nina Bowden 6*: Oliver lyttelon 'Memoirs of Lord Chandos' 7*: Source E, An interview with a parent in May 1940 ...read more.

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