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Evacuation was a great success do you agree or disagree with this statement

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'Evacuation was a great success' Do u agree or disagree with this interpretation? Use all sources and your own knowledge. Evacuation could be considered as a success or it could be considered to of failed. 1,473,000 people were evacuated by the government in the space of one weekend. Evacuation was introduced after the Guernica devastation and the British government felt evacuation had to be introduced because of this previous event. Children were thought to be in danger because of the Germans capability to completely wipe out cities by bombing them. Therefore this proved the Germans had great potential to repeat the Geurnica bombings. Evacuating British children to the countryside areas was more likely to keep them safe. The British government would have to keep the children of Britain safe, most importantly they were the next generation and the majority of them were to be needed to work in Britain. 1,589 assembly points were set up within Britain, furthermore 168 stations sending out trains of children to the countryside areas. In order to make a judgement on whether evacuation was success it is necessary to assess the following things; how well organised evacuation was, if it was a good experience for the evacuees, if it was good for the government, If it was good for the country and ultimately if evacuation did save lives. ...read more.


The statement was not a first hand experience written by the historian, however it will have been researched. Overall the limitations of this source are not great enough to restrict the fact that source A evidently shows that evacuation was a stressful and difficult experience for evacuees. Source D is a photograph of evacuees at bath time, issued by the government during the war. The photograph shows evacuees smiling and looking happy. Another point to make is they look as if they are well looked after. They appear to be clean and healthy and as though evacuation is an enjoyable experience. As the photograph is taken and issued by the government, there is a high possibility of the photograph being propaganda. Possibly a staged photograph, used to encourage evacuation. This would have been done by the government to keep people in favour of evacuation. As the government took a lot of criticism over evacuation, they may have done this to benefit them. In addition, this is just one picture and we cannot be sure that it is the same for every other evacuee in the country. This source therefore is not enough evidence to prove that evacuation was an enjoyable experience, as there are too many limitations. ...read more.


Overall it suggests evacuation wasn't very popular. This source also has its limitations, it may be bias and perhaps the article only said the positives of evacuation, this would be to encourage people to like evacuation. Furthermore it is only one example of advertisement. Ultimately the limitations are not too strong and the appeal is sent out by the government because evacuation is not very popular. Overall evacuation was not very good for the government at the time. As it became less popular, the government received a lot of criticism about how evacuation was organised. Evacuation did help during the wartime; it saved lives by getting children out of the urban areas and into the countryside. However it was very un-popular. The evacuation experience proved quite dramatic to the children involved. Those who were host families gave out negative opinions also. The evacuation process brought the problem of inner city poverty to the government's attention. It was clear that evacuation was not very successful. This was proved by the government using methods such as propaganda and sending out appeals to try and make evacuation more successful and encourage it. During 1940 the German air force attacked British cities. This killed over 143,000 people. However those who were evacuated, only 23 were hurt. This shows that despite evacuation being un-popular, it did save lives. ...read more.

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