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'Evacuation was a great success' Do you agree?

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'Evacuation was a great success' Do you agree? Evacuation of children in the Second World War was a massive project and many people have different views on how successful it actually was. I am going to study several sources (A to F) and compile my own opinion on the matter. After studying the sources there are elements of success and failure and I will now discuss them. Firstly and one of the biggest examples of evacuation being a success was that it got kids and some mothers (800,000 mothers and 550,000 babies in all) out of the way of the firing line to places were they were in less danger of death or serious injury. Evidence of this is present in a number of Sources namely A, D and E I will look at them all, but firstly A which is a picture of children being evacuated in an orderly queue with there parents behind them, the picture was took in London and the children seem to be fairly happy and unmoved by what was going on. The picture seems to show evacuation as a success. However this Sources reliability is questioned by the insufficient amount of evidence given, the picture only shows a small part of the evacuation process, only one incident out of the ...read more.


and the biggest reason for its unreliability is that it's from a novel created for kids, this means that only information which children will find interesting will be included. Another success of evacuation was for the city children who were evacuated to the countryside, making the trip improved the diet of many children because they ate a variety of foods including increased vegetables, this made the children healthier and sometimes happier. Sources D and F explain this, Source D's propaganda filled text tells of the children be healthier and happier, but this source as I have previously said is unreliable. Source F is a short video with numerous different accounts and sources, some reliable and some not, but in the video a person tells of the food being like having Sunday lunch everyday, however this source could again be unreliable because there is little evidence and its an opinion, but I believe that the source is reliable because its a first hand account from a child who experienced life as an evacuee. Other examples of evacuation being a success are the local halls which were turned into reception areas to sort out difficulties and host child selections, another success for evacuation was the parties that were held for the children to encourage the mixing of residents and ...read more.


As I have previously said many mothers and children were unhappy about being separated, but they also sometimes found it difficult moving to and then living in a strange area were they new no one, small villages although sometimes friendly couldn't provide mothers and children with what they were use to and in a way expected. City folk were use to a number of shops, pubs, cinemas, busy traffic, but were often left with nothing like what they expected. In my opinion evacuation being a success or failure really depended on what family fostered you and if you encountered social divisions and racism. However overall I believe that the evacuation of children was more of a success than a failure, but just a success not a great one. I believe it to be a success because of the children it saved who would have almost certainly have been killed, evacuation was always going to have it's problems as does any operation on such a grand scale but the work it did in ensuring the next generations life and other good effects it had on the war effort, e.g. moral boost. It must surely be regarded as a success and not a failure. So I do agree with the statement of 'Evacuation was a great success'. ...read more.

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