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"Evacuation was a success" Do you agree or disagree with this interpretation? Explain your answer using the sources and knowledge from your studies.

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Helen Blyth. Coursework B Evacuation "Evacuation was a success" Do you agree or disagree with this interpretation?" Explain your answer using the sources and knowledge from your studies. The sources all show different attitudes tot the evacuation of children, some show that evacuation was a great success, however some show that it wasn't such a success. They all show this in different ways-pictures, interviews with the parents and teachers, advertisements and novels so some evidence is more reliable then others. Source A is a very positive attitude or impression to evacuation as it shows evacuees walking to the station in London in September 1939. The children don't look at all bothered, they seem to be smiling and waving to the person who is taking the photograph. Although this is a photograph so it will be real, it isn't that reliable in showing the attitudes or impression towards evacuation because the rest of Great Britain may have different views on the whole evacuation idea, probably a lot of children and the parent would be feeling quite distraught as it would be quite an emotional experience so it definitely isn't at all reliable at showing what evacuation was like and the publics attitude. ...read more.


This doesn't either give any ideas that evacuation was a great success or not. Source D is a source of propaganda so of course it's going to be a positive attitude. The government needed to persuade families to think about joining the roll of those who were willing to receive children form all over the country. Though the government seem to be in desperation, and the public might have thought, the evacuation plan is failing because no one seems to be volunteering to help out. There are two children in the picture, they look fairly happy, and this will again definitely appeal to families. The picture of the two children has two contrasting backgrounds behind them, one is of the countryside, which looks quite pleasant, and the other looks like an industrial estate, with flying planes over it. The government needed the public to think the children would be much safer and happier in the countryside. In the article/text the government have purposely put many questions in it, this would probably make you agree with them, as it would make you think twice. ...read more.


This doesn't show that evacuation was necessarily a great success really, however it does show the many lives that were saved because of the evacuation; the film shows many downsides to evacuation, and how it destroyed many families. On a whole, most of the sources are very negative about evacuation, so I don't really think it was a great success for the public, as they were the ones who were experiencing it and they didn't really approve of it, however for the government it was a great success as they saved some of their population plus other countries thought it was successful too so this was good for the British government. None of the sources give a clear picture on what and how the public were feeling about evacuation and whether they thought it would be or was a success. Everyone in Britain all had very strong and different views about it. Although it does show that government had a very good attitude towards to their public and their safety. In my views, I don't think evacuation was a great success, it was successful but there could have been other ways of solving it. Top of Form ...read more.

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