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Evaluation of sources for their utility

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GCSE History Coursework: Vietnam Introduction Vietnam is located in South-East Asia bordering China. This country was part of the French Indo-China party; however it had independent nationalist fighters who wanted Vietnam for the Vietnamese. The Geneva Peace Conference divided Vietnam in 1954. The North was ruled by communist Ho� Chi� Minh and Ngo Dinh Diem had influence over the South puppet state. Later USA offered support and defended Diem's government with money and weapons in order to avoid communism from spreading. 1. Evaluation of sources for their utility The sources A, B and C demonstrate various insight and evidence to why USA got involved in the Vietnam War. Source A is a primary data spoken by President of America, Johnson Kennedy in April, 1965 after Operation Rolling Thunder. ...read more.


Source A is set just after the disastrous mass bombing of Operation Rolling Thunder which shows he is justifying their failure in order to keep people's confidence high. This proves that the source is not useful in some ways. The speech also discreetly refers to the fear of America towards the "Domino Theory". Johnson considers that the act of "containment" had be applied otherwise it would ruin USA's commitment and reputation. It was necessary to stop communism. At the end he quotes from the Bible as confirmation to being religious. Source B is very different from the previous source as it is a private conversation, though from the same person. ...read more.


His position is also in danger! Unfortunately the discussion is in 1964, which is too late. Unlike source A and B, source C an interview from an American critic in October 1982. As it is set very close to the time of the event the Source is primary evidence. Source C is useful because it illustrate that there were some people strongly against the war. It also reveals some useful information as an advantage of hindsight. Having to know that Professor Chomsky is a "critic" obviously he would be pessimistic. His speech is biased as he mostly selects and gives his views from the opposing side. As the interview is after the Vietnam War he has had the benefit of hindsight but this has fully affected his views since the end of the Vietnam War. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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