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Executive Action and the Death of John F. Kennedy

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Executive Action The next few paragraphs are about a theory as to what happened on the fatal day John Fitzgerald Kennedy died. The theory was taken from a film called Executive Action. According to the theory from Executive Action the conspirators wanted John F. Kennedy dead for many reasons. He wanted to help the blacks become equals instead of fighting them. This aggravated the country because many of the Americans especially the west was very racist. They thought that if blacks got equality the white people would lose some of their jobs. Also they thought other races would make themselves heard and their country might be overrun by other races and even taken over. Another thing that aggravated the Americans was that John F. Kennedy wanted to do was pull out of Vietnam. The public thought that them pulling out of Vietnam would make USA look soft and weak. Pulling out of Vietnam also meant that the Vietnamese would take control of Vietnam and the Americans wanted as many allies as possible. John F. Kennedy wanted to make friends with Russia after they nearly had a nuclear winter. Republicans thought that this was soft and they just wanted to destroy. ...read more.


After that they practised on him. They went to a town wear he was visiting and when he went on the motorcade the shot him with cameras that had a scope like cross on them. When they got them developed you could see that they had hit all the places that they hit on the day John F. Kennedy died. The conspirators that were going to kill John F. Kennedy had everything very well organised. They had a secret code language. They burnt or destroyed everything to do with the murder. First of all they practised everything and got everything prepared and got all of the assassins to agree with everything then they moved onto the 'Patsy'. They looked long and hard and then they came across Lee Harvey Oswald. He was perfect. They decided to make him even more of a strange person by getting a look a like to do dodgy things in Dallas. For one instance he went into a gun shop with a Mannlicher Carcano and asked for it to get its sight fixed and when he was talking to the man he said " How long will it take cos I'm gonna be needing it real soon" There is no real evidence as to this happened. ...read more.


Kennedy was shot there was gun smoke coming from the bushes. Also 1 shot came from the front to blow his head backwards. So that is reliable but the film said that there was some one in the Record building. There is absolutely no evidence that there was some one in that building so that is unreliable. In the film when they caught Lee Harvey Oswald they supposedly interrogated Lee Harvey Oswald but there were no records of them interrogating him so that suggests that they just convicted him because they didn't want to have to deal with a conspiracy. There is evidence that this happened because there are no records of the Dallas police interrogating Lee Harvey Oswald. So this information is reliable. One more thing that the film said was that the Washington DC phone lines happened to out of use when the assassination occurred. This is reliable because there are records to say that the lines were out of use on the day John F. Kennedy died. There is no information as to who organised it so the film could be reliable or unreliable. Most likely it was the Mafia but there is o evidence. When you put all this information together it concludes that the film Executive Action is reliable. There are some points that are fictional but most of the facts are based on the truth. ...read more.

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