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Explain how blacks disagreed amongst themselves in the 1960s about the best way to try gain more civil rights

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Raimah Amevor 11D Miss Hussain History Coursework: Explain how blacks disagreed amongst themselves in the 1960s about the best way to try gain more civil rights In 1964 the civil rights act was signed by president Johnson , it prohibited discrimination in public places, offered integrated schools and public places, and made employment discrimination illegal. African Americans were now given the same rights as white people and many things had improved. Black students where now given the choice to study in the same proper environment as there white counterparts, black people were being able to get proper jobs in order to build a life for themselves so they weren't forced to rely and depend on the government. This civil rights act was a long time after all the protests, marches and suffering black people had endured. Although many incidents like little rock had helped to change the way black people where treated in America , civil rights was still an issue, this is because without the law passed black people had no real power in how they where treated. ...read more.


Though Robert Williams did not oppose Martin Luther king, he argued that When African-Americans were protesting or sitting in lunch counters to provoke an reaction they could expect to receive harsh physical treatment , but what about when they are walking down the street or in bed while crosses burned their front yard ? Although these arguments may have seemed true they were to extreme for the NAACP who had a strict non-violence regulation because of this Williams was removed from his post as Monroe NAACP president. The SNCC (STUDENT NON-VIOLENT COORDINATING COMMITTEE) was formed to give younger black people a voice in the civil rights movement. They organized sit-ins and freedom rides with MLK as one of its leaders, 3 people out of the SNCC had died following attacks from the KKK at there non-violent protesting. As a younger generation the SNCC tired of having to "ignore" racist attacks on them, it was then that they moved away from MLK's non-violent resistance beliefs. Stokely Carmichael took over as leader of the group and popularized the term "Black power" this meant strengthening the self esteem of black people and educating them. ...read more.


As these more violent organizations started to form , more and more poor African Americans followed , this is because many of the groups that where forming held their own beliefs whereas before most of them where following groups like The NAACP and the SNCC. Young people were becoming increasingly militant as they where born into the time of change, so when things started to slow down after all that had happened it seemed like they where getting nowhere. Also black people had different ideas of what they actually wanted to happen in the USA for black, for example the nation of Islam was a separatist group who believed in racial diversion they wanted black people to try and get independence and their own strong communities where they could have financial and political empowerment. They held group meetings, protests and marches aswel but they did believe that black people had the right to retaliate against racial violence. Another grouped that formed where The Deacons for Defense and Justice, founded by Charles Sims in Lousiana on July 1910 , 1964, they wanted to protect civil rights workers against the violence of the Ku Klux Klan.They believed n armed self-relaince and set up armed patrol car systems in cities such as Jonoesboro and Bogalusa. ...read more.

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