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'Explain How Marxism contributed to the Bolshevik Revolution'

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'Explain How Marxism contributed to the Bolshevik Revolution' Marxism was a big factor in the Bolshevik Revolution, Infact without Marxism, the Bolsheviks would not have been set up. Marxism is a theory created by Karl Marx in the 19th Century as an idea of equality through all areas of a country. This would mean people would be paid the same wage, whatever their job, there would be no classes, no hierarchy. This theory was made as a potential system to run a country, one which suited the present proletariats, the workers, of society. Marx's idea was that there would be two revolutions. ...read more.


The Provisional Government appeared to not have the worker's best interests at heart (from the eyes of the workers) and they only cared about the middle-class in the short term, them first the workers second, starving Russian proletariats found the Bolshevik party and Lenin's interpretation of Marxism extremely more appealing than the old Tsar or the current Government. Lenin interpreted Karl Marx's theory as a complete and new found ideology of a way on how to control a country. Marx just made this a theory, Lenin wanted to put it into practice and was determined that this was to work. He promised 'Bread and Land' for everyone during his April Theses, his view on Marxism was to be spread throughout many ...read more.


In the front on which the Russians fought, Bolshevism came to them in the way of pamphlets, the ideas expressed by Lenin were a glimmer of hope for the soldiers, who were fighting a war in which they had been conscripted for and a far majority probably had no idea why the war had started. Lenin's ideology promised then the peace which many so badly craved, and Lenin promised so much more than the Provisional Government could offer them. Marxism contributed greatly towards the second Bolshevik revolution, but it was not the one and only cause. The failures by the Tsar and the Provisional government left the way open for the Bolsheviks to take control of a country much I need of a party for the workers. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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