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Explain how the following together contributed to Hitler's effective control over Germany, 1933-1945:1. Enabling Law 2. Use of Propaganda 3. Education, Women and Youth Orginations

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Explain how the following together contributed to Hitler's effective control over Germany, 1933-1945: 1. Enabling Law 2. Use of Propaganda 3. Education, Women and Youth Orginations From 1933 to 1945 the Nazi party of Germany ruled over the German population. The Nazis (National Socialist Party) were ruled by Adolf Hitler. The Nazis main aim was to make Germany into a stronger more powerful country and Hitler also led Germany into the destruction of the country by leading them into the Second World War. How was Hitler able to do this? What Methods were used to achieve control of the country? I intend to discuss all the factors that Hitler needed to take full control over Germany. Hitler was not a supporter of parliamentary democracy and wanted to make changes to the German constitution to give himself greater power. He needed a two-thirds majority in Reichstag to make such changes. His banning of the Centre Party and the Communist Party gave if him his majority. On 23rd March 1933 the Reichstag met to talk about the passing of the Enabling Law. This would then give Hitler the power to make laws without the consent of the Reichstag for a period of four years. ...read more.


Joseph Gobbles used the media exceptionally, as people do believe what they hear and see. So with the help of Joseph Gobbles the Nazi Idea had infested the Germany nation. As far as Nazis were concerned, women should be encouraged to have as many children as possible. Hitler was alarmed at the falling birth rate in Germany, so contraception was discouraged and mothers with eight children or more were awarded a golden Mother Cross (with silver for six children or more were awarded and bronze for four). Motherhood and family life were also prominent in Nazi propaganda. Posters and broadcasts emphasised the qualities of traditional German Women. Women were forced to have as many children as possible. Hitler wanted a master race, which were called the Aryan race, which he believed were the only people that should lead the world. This mater race had blonde hair, blue eyes, were strong and German, bearing in mind Hitler did not fit into any of these categories. If you didn't fit these categories women would be sterilized unable to have children. Women just accepted it and thought it was the right thing to do, as they would be disobeying Hitler. Hitler had now got control over women, allowing them to think that it was acceptable to be sterilized if you didn't fit under Hitler's Aryan Race category. ...read more.


But if the young could be indoctrinated into the Nazi way of thinking, then those views were likely to stay with them for the rest of their lives. Those youth organisations provided ideal opportunities for the leaders to put across Nazi beliefs, and members were encouraged to report their parents or teachers if they criticised the Nazi regime. But they had another purpose too. The Hitler Youth was really a training ground for the army, and great emphasis was places on physical activity and military training. Girls didn't join the army, but they were still encouraged to keep fit in preparation for motherhood- the opportunity to give birth to future soldiers. These three main things brought together created Hitler's complete control over Germany. Social. Political. Legal. These three aspects being drawn together had a strong lock over the Germany people. The germans had no way of escaping Hitler and his ideas. If it wasn't for the tight lock of these three aspects in Germany. This would not have happened, as these aspects would not have worked on their own. "We didn't know about Nazi idea's. Nevertheless, we were politically programmed to obey orders, to cultivate the soldiery virtue of standing to attention and saying Yes Sir and to stop thinking when the word Fatherland was uttered and Germany's honour and greatness was mentioned." 1 Sarah Allymohamed ...read more.

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