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Explain how the life of Martin Luther King is a good example of how to put the teachings of Jesus into action, particularly the Sermon on the Mount.

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PART TWO Explain how the life of Martin Luther King is a good example of how to put the teachings of Jesus into action, particularly the Sermon on the Mount. The Sermon on the Mount contains the moral teachings of Jesus, which were written down by St. Matthew. Jesus told these teachings to his disciples. The teachings were moral and ethical "laws" on how one should live life. He usually told these teachings from high points so everyone could hear him, hence the name Sermon on the Mount. If someone did follow his Sermon then they in his eyes were suitable to become a "member in the Kingdom of God." ...read more.


In those times these teachings had only a minor area of application, but in today's society where we have many difference races living together these teachings can be both applied more and perhaps restructured. But we still do not accept everyone many in society are intent of building walls between themselves and others. Before this it was even worse, people were ignored and treated like objects and cattle. One of the people who contributed their lives to improve the lives of not only their people but others too, was Martin Luther King. He showed that he wanted to help by making many moving speeches, which are regarded as great teachings of today. ...read more.


Martin Luther King also shared the same trait, he did not blame those for acting on hatred instead he offered a way to act in harmony. Martin Luther King led a hard life being constantly persecuted for the colour the colour of his skin. He fought for justice and took much interest in others who had strived for the same cause, like Ghandi. He drove to achieve his missions using no violence, only the power of free speech, unlike Malcolm X who although fought for the same cause, he fought using violence. I think the life and work of this man puts the teachings of Jesus into action because he obeyed the law and changed many prejudiced minds. But some minds are unchangeable and so James Earl Ray took it upon himself to assassinate Martin on the 4th February 1968 in Memphis, Tenn. ...read more.

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