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Explain how the Nazis used persecution and the power of the SS and Gestapo and create a police state in 1934-1939.

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Police State Explain how the Nazis used persecution and the power of the SS and Gestapo and create a police state in 1934-1939. Germany was ruled completely by the state from 1933 (Hitler comes to power) to 1945. It was a police state the one that had all the power, it was not a democracy. The power of the SS and Gestapo were very important in enforcing the law and persecution was started. The state has complete authority the people could be arrested to prevent them from committing a crime. They didn't have defence, the law is used to attack the people, not to defend them. Many laws where introduced to Germany during the police state. ...read more.


That's why the Nuremburg laws where accepted. So making persecution official helped to make a police state. Local police drew up lists of suspects, the list was given to Gestapo. People were arrested very early in the morning by men in black, they were shut up in a cell in a police station and eventually they were given a D-11; a form in which you agreed to be imprisoned and the people had to sing it. They were taken away to concentration camps. It was very hard to obtain justice because of the law and the political system. A police state causes fear, people had no trust not even in their friends. In 1938, Kirstallicht is an example of how the Jews were treated, they were humiliated in front of every body. ...read more.


The German population also had very little idea of what happened outside the country, as the radio and news papers where totally controlled by the police state. Many of the Jews didn't react to the first discrimination because they thought that it couldn't be worse, they thought that maybe if they co-operated things would be better. And in fact it was very difficult to stop the police state because they have all the power. And it was more difficult for the Jews because the schools and education of the people were controlled by Nazis that teach that the Jews were not humans, that start making young people believe it is true so the Jews where treated like animals and didn't have any possibilities. That is how the Nazis use persecution and the power of the SS and Gestapo, and create the police state. ANE ALFEIRAN ...read more.

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