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Explain how the removal of opposition in the period March 1933 to August 1934 allowed Hitler to become a dictator.

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Explain how the removal of opposition in the period March 1933 to August 1934 allowed Hitler to become a dictator. The first step that allowed Hitler to start down his path to dictatorship was the Enabling Law introduced in March 1933.This would give Hitler complete power in Germany.The law had first to be approved by the Reichstag and because it also changed the constitution it would need 2/3's (66%) majority vote to be passed.There was a problem with this though,because the Nazis only held just over half the seats (52%).To try and achieve the votes they needed the Nazis began to put great pressure on the other parties of the Reichstag. ...read more.


More than 100 members of the Reichstag did not turn up to vote. With the Enabling Law passed the Weimar constitition was destroyed and Hitler had near complete political power.He could make any law he wished without consulting the Reichstag or the president and could even make treaties with other countries on his own authority.For the rest of Hitlers regeme the Reichstag did not meet very often and even then it was only for Hitler to make a speech.In the following November of 1933 "new elections" were held at the Reichstag, and the Nazis were the only party allowed to stand. The Nazis now brought into line those parts of the political system that were anti-Nazi.Firstly Hitler reorganised the state parliments,so that each now had a Nazi majority.In July 1933 ...read more.


With Germany within his power, Hitler no longer needed the S.A. He realised that the S.A were a possible threat with many of its members undisiplined and out of his control.The leader of the S.A., Ernst Roehm was in favour of removing big businesses and handing them over to the state.Hitler had won the favour of industrialists and could not afford to lose their support.On the night of June 30th ,1934-"The Night of the Long Knives"-Hitler used detachments of the SS to remove the leaders of the S.A. and settle scores with other enemies.Over 200 people were killed includeing Roehm.In one stroke he had wiped out one threat to his power and gained the support of the other - the army. ...read more.

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