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Explain the changes in Arab-Israeli conflict.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked The First Arab Israeli War was the first large scale military involvement between the state of Israel and its Arab neighbours, and it set the precedent for forthcoming engagements. The war was initially close-fought, but after the truce, when Israel received its armaments from Czechoslovakia, the battle was fairly one sided, with the Israeli unity and desire to strengthen the state of Israel overpowering the larger yet disorganised Arab forces, who seemed to be fighting for their own gain, rather than the greater good of the Arabs. The land gains made by the end of the first Arab-Israeli war were the first steps in the consolidation of the state of Israel. ...read more.


Therefore, although the Israeli military strength was still prominent, the involvement of the superpowers was increased. This links to further military dominance by the Israelis, effectively climaxing, during the events of the Six Day war, and this marked a way in which conflict between the two groups changed in that it became evident that terrorism was more effective at damaging Israel than through militaristic means. Israel launched a pre-emptive strike on 5 May 1967, and was able to defeat the entirety of the surrounding Arab states due to effective tactics and planning. The strength of the Israeli Defence force was seen through the destruction of 90% of Egypt?s air force while the planes were still grounded, and the proficiency of the Mossad was proven through the undercover operations in Syria. ...read more.


The surprise attack on the 6th of October 1973 on the holy day of Yom Kippur, was extremely effective, and the Israeli forces were heavily pushed back. However, involvement from the USA, donating armaments and 2 billion dollars resulted in the Israelis being able to fight back after victory at Chinese Farm, and they were able to reach within 100km of Cairo. This shows how conflict changed in that there was even more involvement from the superpowers, and it was the first real sign of Arab success. Overall, conflict changed in that the Superpower became increasingly involved throughout the time scale, and the Israeli proficiency became more and more dominant, apart from in the Yom Kippur war, where conflict changed in that it was the first example of Arab success. ...read more.

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