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Explain the different reactions of people in Britain to the policy of evacuation.

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History GCSE Assignment - Question Two - Explain the different reactions of people in Britain to the policy of evacuation. Not all peoples reactions and opinions were the same when the policy of evacuation came to light in the second world war. Some people thought of evacuation as pointless and a waste of time and money. Many people thought that German Bombers could get you were ever you went, whether you stayed in the town, or moved into safety in the country. On the other hand, some people thought evacuation was a good idea. It meant that their children stayed safe and that the children would be given a better chance of survival out in the country. At the start of world war two, children were evacuated into the countryside. The government made sure evacuation happened as soon as possible because they expected that Germany would send its bombers over straight away. ...read more.


Soon after the phoney war the blitz occurred so children were evacuated again. Some parents chose not to evacuate their children. They were thinking along the lines of the quote Stanley Baldwin made. Stanley Baldwin had quoted before the war that 'The bomber will always get through' Now if Stanley Baldwin was right when he made this quote, then it was pointless evacuating children because the bomber will always get through so why bother evacuating children? The German bomber could drop his bombs anywhere so children might as well just stay at home. Unfortunately this attitude cost many people their lives, especially when the Blitz was happening. The blitz was a major cause of deaths in the second world war, at least 400,000 people alone were killed when the German bombers came over and dropped their bombs on England. ...read more.


He quotes in a interview that his evacuation parents '' were only looking after him for the money'' Sadly, many evacuation treated children like that. But not all. Not all children were treated badly at the hands of their evacuation parents. Miss stayed at a farm in Witherslak just near Kendal. She recalls her evacuation days as being the '' Best days of her life''. She comments that her evacuation parents treated her like she was one of the family and made her feel at home. She also comments on how her evacuation parents helped her to settle into her surroundings. On the whole, she had a very pleasant stay at her place of evacuation. On the whole, there was a wide range of reactions and opinion on the policy of evacuation. Many people believed that it was a good idea if it was going to children's lives and prevent death from the German airforce. Other people though, seen evacuation as pointless and a waste of people time. Kate Gordon Page 1 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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