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Explain the main features of the New Deal.

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Explain the main features of the New Deal. When Roosevelt came to power his main aims where to Relieve, Recover and reform America. To relieve the country he aimed to dramatically decrease unemployment, to recover it he aimed to rebuild to economy and increase production, and to reform America he set out the create a fairer more just society. During Roosevelt's first hundred days in power he set about creating, many agencies for the citizens of America, these groups became known as the Alphabet Agencies. During these first three months, the American people saw more work being done to help them, then ever had been done in the whole of Hoover presidency. The first act passed was on March the 9th. This act was the Emergency Banking Act, this meant that all the banks were to close over a weekend, and all of them would be inspected, consequently only banks which had plenty of money and with properly managed accounts would be allowed to re-open. ...read more.


Another agency that was set up by Roosevelt was the NRA the National Recovery Administration this agency was set up to make sure the factories in the country produced a steady flow of food and at steady prices. They were also told to decent wages and hours. This agency would bring about many good jobs, and would also boost the economy by increasing the amount that was in stores and bought by the citizens of America. The Civilian Works Administration (CWA) was yet another agency set up by Roosevelt, this one was made in 1933, and created jobs for the unemployed. For unskilled workers the wages were 40 cents an hour, and for skilled workers the wages were $1. This agency paid researchers to research, this agency even paid one hundred people to walk round Washington with balloons, scaring pigeons they were called 'boondoggles' after American cowboys, therefore people were able to spend more and their quality of life improved. ...read more.


These payments brought help to the unemployed, and created a fairer society, as those who were unable to work were given money to help tide them by. This new idea was greatly welcomed as people were no longer in such poverty and were able to buy food and clothing for themselves. The last agency I am going to talk about is the Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) this agency gave low interest loans to home owners to adjust mortgage repayments in order to cope with the unemployment, as home owners who had managed to keep their houses during the depression would have had large repayments which they could not afford. This agency made sure the owners were able to pay back their mortgage easier and those who hadn't owned a house before could afford one. Overall Roosevelt created many agencies in the attempt to bring America out of the depression. His aims to relieve, recover and reform America were backed up by these agencies, whether the New Deal was a success however is not part of this essay! ...read more.

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