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Explain the main features of the new deal

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The New Deal A. Q. Explain the main features of the new deal The new deal was designed to help provide for three major issues that faced America, these were Relief, Recovery and Reform. The idea of relief would hopefully provide relief to the people hit the hardest by the depression i.e. starving, homeless and unemployed. Helping industry and farmers to get starting again is what recovery hoped to achieve. Reform was introducing laws and regulations in the stock market and banks etc so that they could prevent reoccurrence of a depression. ...read more.


These rules made up the Securities Exchange Commission. Dozens of agencies were created; each one had very specific objectives to tackle during the recovery. These also provided work for millions unemployed, and although the pay was usually quite minimal this helped in bringing back the countries trade and economy. The Federal Emergency relief Administration (FERA) worked directly to help with urgent needs of the poor. Millions of dollars was spent to prevent hunger and try out employment schemes and provide a source of education for young children. But there was an agency that dealt specifically in trying to employ young men. ...read more.


The PWA built transportation systems such as roads and airports. These would vital once the country had worked its way out of the depression. In total there were 15 agencies created in order to help deal with the depression. Each agency had its specific areas to work with and improve etc. There were other agencies such as the Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) this helped people to pay there mortgages, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) helped families to buy houses. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) worked all over the entire Tennessee area, helping farmers to restore land and control the lakes and soil erosion by building dozens of dams. There was also the AAA, which helped farmers to grow more crops. Paul Harrison History Coursework ...read more.

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