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Explain the main features of the New Deal.

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Explain the main features of the New Deal. Roosevelt realised that immediate action had to be taken. He promised the people of America, 'Action and Action now.' However, Roosevelt did not have a particularly clear idea of what exactly he needed to do. He had a panel of experts called the Brain Trust, who helped him come up with new laws, which would help America out of its depression. President Roosevelt wanted a long term as well as a short-term solution to the problem. He needed to be seen as taking immediate action, but also the plan would be no good if it did not work for long and he was back to square one within a year. Roosevelt demanded extra powers to help him take action as soon as possible. The Senate and the House of Representatives granted his wish. He was given the same power as if the country was under attack or in military conflict. ...read more.


They loaned over a million people money. This was very popular with homeowners, however did not help the people who had already lost their homes and were having to sleep rough on America's streets. The Social Security Act was in charge of giving out unemployment benefit. It also handled pensions, which were in a bad way after the Wall Street Crash. Support was given to single mothers, as they were seriously in need. Recovery: Roosevelt aimed to get the country's economy back on its feet. Roosevelt also wanted everyone back to work, so they were not completely reliant on the unemployment benefit that was handed out. Many Alphabet Agencies were used to help with the recovery of the economy. The Civilian Works Administration was only designed for the short term. There were vast numbers of unemployed in the United States and this focussed on getting those people back to work. Some of these jobs actually were useful to the country, however most were designed simply to raise the morale of the country. ...read more.


The Tennessee Valley Authority was set up to develop the Tennessee Valley, a vast area, which cut through seven states. This project put a stop to soil erosion and organised the building of 33 damns, this provided cheap power. The TVA created a thousand jobs and revived a poor area. The new deal was designed to get America back on its feet economically and to raise the general morale of the American people. Roosevelt needed to take immediate action. He needed to be seen doing something as the American people were relying on him. He was given a special amount of power for one hundred days and during that time he, together with his panel of experts, called the Brain Trust passed thirteen new laws. Roosevelt focussed on three main things, relief, recovery and reform. Many agencies were set up to help in different areas. The American people referred to them using their initials and they were known as the alphabet agencies. James FAIRBOURN History Coursework 01/05/2007 The New Deal. ...read more.

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