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Explain the main features of the New Deal.

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A) Explain the main features of the 'New Deal.' The American President Franklin D Roosevelt, promised the people of America during his presidential campaign a 'New Deal.' It was clear that Roosevelt planned to use the power of the American government to get the US out of the Depression. He had many different ideas on how this could be done, but his main priorities were; getting the American people back into work; protecting peoples' savings and property; providing a helping hand for the infirm, sick or elderly; and getting the American Industry and Agriculture back to its full potential. In order to protect people's savings and property, Roosevelt spent the first one hundred days of being president working with his advisors to produce a solution, which became known as 'The Sweeping Measures.' ...read more.


Roosevelt also wanted to get as many people back into work as possible, as this allowed them to spend money on products thus putting more money into the economy and boosting the overall welfare of America. To get people back into work Roosevelt set up two main 'Help Groups:' The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Public Works Administration (PWA). The CCC was aimed more at unemployed young men, they would sign up for six months at a time and if they still hadn't found work they could renew the time. Most of the work done by the CCC was on environmental projects in places such as national parks. ...read more.


The Agricultural Adjustment Administration took a long term view on the problems that would face farmers, and it set quotas to reduce product numbers, as this gradually sent the prices up and boosted the economy. It also taught farmers new techniques of farming that would protect the crops for a better yield and conserve the richness of the soil. The National Recovery Administration improved working conditions for all employees and outlawed child labour. It also set fair wages and sensible levels of production, as the idea was to make sure that the economy was boosted by giving workers money to spend without over-producing and creating another 'slump.' In conclusion, Franklin D Roosevelt planned what he was going to do with the 'New Deal' and his ain priorities were seeing that the American public was protected and helped and the economy boosted. ...read more.

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