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Explain the nature and purpose of the 'Hitler movement'

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Explain the nature and purpose of the 'Hitler Youth' movement The Hitler Youth Movement was set up in 1926 and the nature of the movement could be described well as scouts but with a political purpose. When the Hitler youth movement was first started, the only difference between the movement and scouts was that it was compulsory! The children had to attend both weekday and weekend meetings. During weekday meetings the children were given political lectures on Nazi idea's and Hitler himself, they also learnt skills which could be put into practice at weekend meetings. The boys would do various sports like boxing, shooting, marching, club throwing (which would be useful later when using the hand grenade), athletics and military exercises such as trench digging, map reading and marching. ...read more.


All of these teachings were purposeful in the aim of encouraging the girls to be fit mothers and good housewives .In this essay I shall explain Hitler's main purposes of the 'Hitler youth' movement. Hitler's first main purpose of the movement was to control the lives of the young outside of school, this was very important to the Nazi's as they knew they were people who disagreed with their ideas and wanted to ensure the children believed in their ideas and their ideas only! Hitler did this by holding meetings on weekday evenings to keep the children away from their parents who were thought to be off a bad influence. ...read more.


The girls also learnt all the skills needed to be a good and faithful housewife. As well as Hitler's main aim to mould girls to become fit and healthy mothers and good housewives, Hitler wanted to create a 'master' race, so the girls were strongly encouraged to produce Aryan babies, so that the country could be racially pure, as Hitler always wanted. In conclusion, at first glance the whole 'Hitler youth' movement could be looked at as a good thing, giving poor children camping weekends and giving all children something to do like the modern guides and scouts. However if you really explore what happened at the meetings and the purposes behind the whole movement it was all very sinister and Hitler's way off moulding his ideal country of a superior Aryan race of people who were loyal and patriotic to their country. ...read more.

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