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Explain the nature and purpose of the Hitler Youth Movement

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Explain the nature and purpose of the Hitler Youth Movement (7) After World War 1, Hitler wanted to turn young Germans into loyal Nazis. Hitler said that were three great influences on children, their school, their families and youth movements. Youth movements were popular, and they did activities such as sport, music and carrying 'dead' comrades. The first Hitler youth movement was founded in Germany during the 1920s, and soon after became compulsory in 1936. There were different organisations for girls and boys. This was because girls were advised to join the German Maidens, which were not seen as being as important as those of boys because they were not prepared for military service. ...read more.


The Hitler Youth also taught history. This concentrated on the rise of Nazi Germany, the injustices of the Treaty of Versailles, and the evils of communism and the Jews. They were taught what was good about the 19th century, and the hardships of 20th century Germany and how they were treated unfairly, such as by the Treaty of Versailles. They taught this subject with great emotion, so that it would make the children want to reverse the Treaty of Versailles, and get back to the 'great' Germany of the 19th century. By the time they were senior pupils learning history it would have made them confident that loyalty to the Fuhrer was right and good. ...read more.


However, Religious Studies became less important and by 1937 pupils had the choice of dropping the subject. Children of the Hitler Youth movement had it made clear to them that their first loyalty was Adolph Hitler and the Volk. This caused children to become alienated from their parents who were not as keen on Hitler as they were. The children would not have understood why their parents were not fond of Nazi regulation, of its working practices or why they found Nazi inspectors checking up on teachers rather strange because for them it was normal. So we can see how Nazi beliefs and aims were achieved through the Hitler Youth Movement. The aims for a stronger Germany, a racial Germany and the Volk were all achieved through indoctrinating children at youth movements and at school. ?? ?? ?? ?? History Coursework - Volksgemeinschaft Felix Kellaway ...read more.

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