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Explain the Nature and Purpose of the Hitler Youth Movement?

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Explain the Nature and Purpose of the Hitler Youth Movement? The Nazis wanted to secure total loyalty from Germanys' young people to do this Hitler encouraged them to join youth organisations. However, by the end of 1933 all youth clubs were banned this was because Hitler wanted all young people to join his Hitler Youth organisation. The organisation was set up in 1930, before Hitler came into power, there were just over 100,000 members. By the end of 1939, there were over 8 million children in the Hitler youth. The Hitler youth was set up to prepare the children for the future. It was meant so that the girls would be prepared for their future in looking after children and cooking. The boys side of the Hitler youth was to prepare them for the armed forces. All German boys joined at the age of six and German girls joined at the age of 10. ...read more.


In camp they trained for the military life, hey did drill, military exercises, throwing hand grenades and they were taught about military tactics. The boy were also taught lessons about the Nazi ideas. These included teaching them to love Hitler. The reason why they were taught these lessons was because Hitler wanted to create a strong Germany and he needed all the support from the younger generation. The boys were also taught to hate Jews. They were also given uniforms. This was to make them feel part of something. It also made the whole of the Hitler youth look important. There were long marches for the boys as well. Some of them over 12 miles long. Even these long marches were considered nothing for boys who are trained to march 50 miles with their packs on. After the marches, quite a lot of boys ended up in hospital because it was too much for them. ...read more.


This was important but not the most important thing they had to learn. The girls were taught cookery because they would have to cook for their husbands and their children. The most important lessons the girls were taught was the lessons on childcare. The reason why this was so important was because Hitler wanted a super race. He needed to achieve this by telling girls how to bring up their children. They were also told they needed to have children and they were persuaded to get married and have children. The girls were also taught how to dress and how to do their hair 'the way Hitler wanted.' The main purpose of the Hitler youth was to get the youth on his side. He wanted a super race so he was teaching girls how to bring it up. The boys played a major part on this because they were being trained to be soldiers. This is linked to Hitler's plans for the future because he wanted to build an empire and to do this he needed to go to war. Stephen Lockwood ...read more.

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