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Explain the nature and purpose of the Nazi youth movement

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History coursework - Nazi Germany Peter Jones 10E a) Explain the nature and purpose of the Nazi youth movement The Nazi's focused on the youth of the nation as they were the future, they would have to continue on the Nazi regime. The youth of the nation would be the future generation of Nazi's. The boys would be trained to become soldiers, who would then fight for the Nazi's, while the girls would be trained to become the perfect wife and mother. It would not be hard to convince children into believing that the Nazi movement was good for the people and the country, as children are easily influenced and manipulated. The children would be convinced in believing in the Aryan race as well. This would be told especially to the girls as they would be the future mother s that would bring up the Aryan race. There were four different groups for the children. Two groups for the boys and another two groups for the girls. For the boys there was the Deutsches Jungvolk (DJV) this was for boys aged 10-14 and then the Hitler Jugend (HJ) this was for boys aged 14-18. For the girls there was Jung Madel (JM) this was for girls aged 10-14. ...read more.


They also banned mixed marriages, this meant that different races and religious people could not marry each other. There was also a 'Law for the prevention of Hereditarily diseased offspring' which ordered that women who were unfit to be mothers had to be sterilised so they could not have children. As a result, the number of marriages rose from half a million in 1932 to three-quarters of a million in 1934. It did not, however, result in women having more children. Most couples continued to have families of two children. c)'The most important reason why there was little opposition towards the Nazi regime was the use of propaganda' Explain how far you agree with this statement. A lot of Hitler's and the Nazi's success is because of Dr Josef Goebbles who was in charge of propaganda. Goebbles was an intelligent person using techniques that are still used in politics today and he used every resource available to him. He would organise rallies, marches, torchlight processions, meetings etc. A good example of a rally is the Neuremburg rally, which happened once a year in the summer. There were bands, marches, flying displays and there were speeches by Hitler. These rallies were to show that the Nazis were new and exciting. ...read more.


The Nazis took over local councils, they terrorised people and used violence to get people afraid of them and do what they say. Making sure that no one would put up any resistance against them. The Nazis also persecuted Jewish people, forcing them to close their businesses and sending them to concentration or death camps. Another reason is that the Nazis tackled unemployment, for example in June 1933 in Northeim there were more than 500 people unemployed but in July 450 of these people had become employed. If the Nazis were helping people no one would go against them. There was also Police control. The Nazi police was run by the SS. This branch of SA were Hitler's bodyguards. The SS led by Heinrich Himmler helped Hitler get rid of the SA leaders in the "Night of the Long Knives". Hitler then made the SS independent to the SA and made Himmler the leader of the entire police network. Overall I think it was a mixture of the propaganda used by the Nazi's, the brutality of the Nazi's, and the way this made people fear them. I think these were the most important reasons for the little opposition towards the regime. As propaganda was everywhere in Germany and if you did not agree with it you would be dealt with by the SS, Hitler's policemen, and you would most likely be put in jail or tortured. ...read more.

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