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Explain the nature and the purposee of the Hitler Youth Movement

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a) Explain the nature and purpose of the 'Hitler Youth' movement? Even before the Nazis came to power, a movement towards the establishment of youth culture in Germany was developing. However Adolf Hitler took this one stage further and introduced it into schools and social groups. Its main aim was to bring together all the children of Germany and educate them on Nazi Politics, and Nazi beliefs as well as brain-washing or indoctrinating children from when they are very young. One of the ways they did this was to change nursery rhymes and fairy tales to suit what the Nazis wanted to tell the world. Hitler started this as soon as the Enabling Act was passed. He began to either Nazify or disband all other German institutions and organizations. He also got rid of all youth groups that weren't run by the Nazis. The Nazis believed that there is a 'perfect' Aryan race that is far superior to any other type of person. An Aryan was someone who has blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. The 'Hitler Youth' therefore was to educate people about how they must keep the race pure and that woman should have more babies, to increase the size of the Aryan population. ...read more.


If there happened to be a Jewish child in the classroom the teacher would use him or her as an example of people to avoid, they would use sticks to point out certain characterizes that Jews had that Arians didn't, the Jewish children would be severely bullied because of this. These camps and schooling methods did not just affect the children, the parents too were affected. If they didn't sent their children to these schools they may be thought of as anti-Nazi supporters or maybe they were thought to have strange politics, they would be mocked by other parents; and the children would almost certainly be bullied. In the Hitler Youth there were two sections, one for the boys this was called the Hitler Jugend, and one for the girls this was called the Bund Deutcher Madel. These two groups were split up into 3 age groups, children aged 6-10, children aged 10-14 and then children aged 14-18. All children no matter how old were given a booklet of progress where they would show their progression throughout their time in the Hitler Youth. Within the Hitler Youth, Hitler created competitions where the winners would gain higher status. ...read more.


there were over 82% of children in these camps, just over 7.3 million people all over Germany. However this was down to Propaganda, and Hitler declaring that if children didn't join the Hitler Youth then that child would been taken from their parents. In conclusion I believe that by creating the 'Hitler Youth' the Nazis where prepared for later in history when the war broke out. All those boys who enrolled in the 'Hitler Youth' were therefore taken on, without having to be assessed, in to the army. This therefore gave the boys a target to aim for, as representing their county was a very special thing for the Germans even if it was in war. The boys who attended the 'Hitler Youth' were ready to join the army at 18. Therefore it benefited Hitler as well. He had created a youth that were willing to blindingly follow Hitler's orders, whilst appearing to other countries, as an organization like the scout movement today. The girls would also have been ready by the time war broke out to take up their womanly roles as mothers and wives. Therefore the whole of the new generation would have been brain washed into supporting Hitler's views on ideal race and perfect politics. ?? ?? ?? ?? History Coursework Nazi Germany Katie Russell 1 ...read more.

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