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Explain the purpose of Nazi policy to young people - How successful was this policy?

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Hitler and the Nazis had strong ideals for their country. These ideals they believed would make Germany a great country again. The Nazis wanted to create a true "national community", a "Master Race" not polluted with what they called inferior races such as Jews, gypsies and so on. They indoctrinated the German public. No other ideas or opinions would be tolerated. Hitler wanted to indoctrinate a sense of loyalty into people. Loyalty should be to him and the State above all other loyalties. Many older people were sceptical of the Nazis and their ideas. They had formed their own opinions and beliefs and did not all agree with Hitler. This is the reason Hitler targeted the young. Children were too young to have formed their own ideas and beliefs so the Nazis concentrated their efforts on the young. ...read more.


25 million members of the Hitler Youth Movement The Nazis plans for Germany were not the same for girls and boys. Boys' education had the emphasis on military training and skills. A girl's place in the Nazis' plan though was much different. They were taught the 'three Ks' - kinder, kirche and kuche (children, church and cooking). Shortly after Hitler came to power he passed a law to encourage marriage. This law goes to show the role of women in the Nazi regime, they were encouraged to marry and expected to have lots of children. Women were discouraged from having a professional career. Only half of boys were members and only 15% of girls in 1933. By 1939 despite making them compulsory youth groups were in crisis. Group leaders were drafted into the army and older teenagers were running the movements. ...read more.


This meant the popularity of the organization was falling, more and more people were joining movements such as the Swing Movement and the Edelweiss Pirates. On the other hand the Hitler Youth loyalty was so strong that as well as millions fighting at the start of the war, there were people joining at the end when the war was lost, they were prepared to die for Hitler and their country. I believe the Hitler Youth Organisations were very successful. They built an army and were so close to winning the war. Although there were exceptions such as Pirates and the Swing Movement the loyalty that the organizations installed in children worked perfectly. "We felt important" said one Hitler youth when asked what was the appeal of the Nazi organizations. A sentiment held by millions of children all over Germany. The Nazis aim was to appeal to the younger generations so they strived to make themselves attractive as possible to children. ...read more.

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