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Explain the reasons for Nazi policies towards women.

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GCSE Modern World History Coursework Introduction Gertrude Scholz Klink was in charge of women's policy in Nazi Germany. The expectations and policies towards women revolved around the three K's, kinder, kuche, kirche. (children, cooking & church). In a speech made by Hitler to the National Socialist Womens Organisation, Hitler said that men inhabited the "great world" which involved responsibilities like the affairs of state and the service of the community, whereas he believed women inhabited the "small world" which revolved round the home. Women in Nazi Germany were going to have a very specific role, and Hitler was very clear about this. They should be good mothers, bringing up children, while their husbands worked. Except from certain special fields, Hitler saw no reason why a women should work. Education taught girls from early years that this was the lifestyle that they should lead. The nazis had a number of different policies towards women, which were each tackled by different measures that varied in success. In this essay I aim to describe these policies and explain the reasons for them. The first policy that I am going to dicuss is Population Growth. Hitler had an aggressive and firm population policy because he wanted to encourage 'racially pure' women to bear as many 'Aryan' children as possible, therefore increasing population growth. ...read more.


In addition to the policies Hitler forced on women to encourage population growth, He also made laws and policies regarding Racial Purity. Marriage for a women under the Third Reich was definatley no easy task. In order to marry, women and their husbands had to undergo rigorous exams to ensure that they were the purest German blood. Interracial marriages were not allowed, or recognized. It was considered a crime against the state if a woman or a man were to marry someone who was Jewish, or someone of Jewish descendence. Even though Hitler was generous to German women who gave him children, if one did not fit into his idea of the 'superior race' then they would be punished. For example, if women or men suffered from a mental illness or a weakening disease, like schizophrenia, epilepsy, deafness, blindness, they were sterelised, and prevented from any marriage at all. Now I am going to explain the reasons for his outragouse and flawed policies. Hitler believed that Germany was being polluted by intermarriage with non-Germans that he thought to be inferior, especially the Jews that he had extreme hatred for. He thought that these 'inferior races' were reproducing at a higher rate than the Aryans were, which is why he tried to stop interracial marriages. ...read more.


There are stories which exist that tell of female SS officers ripping babies out of their mother's arms and beating the infant's head against the wall until they were dead, right in front of the mother's eyes. They also oversaw the gassing of Jews. In addition to the horrors that women were guilty of, they also made it possible for Germany continue throughout the war. They kept the economy going and the soldiers supplied with ammunition. These two points prove that women were guilty for the horrors which occurred under Hitler's rule. That is not to say that there were not women who formed resistance groups against him, but women were his largest group of supporters. If it were not for them, it is quite possible that Hitler would have never risen to power. By the start of the Second World War, very few German women were in fulltime work. However, such was the skills shortage in Germany, that in 1937 a law was passed in 1937 which meant women had to do a "Duty Year". This meant that they could work 'patriotically' in a factory etc. to help the Nazi's "economic Miracle". The marriage loan was also abolished in this year. Family and Husband. Hitler said that these two worlds were crucial to each other and that neither could survive without the support of the other. This in essence is the Nazi view of women and their ideological beliefs spread from this base. ...read more.

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