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Explain the reasons for nazi policies towards women.

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Explain the reasons for nazi policies towards women The reasons for nazi policies were the growth of nazi Germany and its economy. Hitler decided that Germany had lost too many men and too much money in the First World War. Germany needed soldiers and workers. To provide these Hitler took women's role in the old Germany and enhanced it further. Women were to be housewives and obedient women. They were given medals for the number of children they had for example: when women had had four children they were awarded a bronze medal etc. Hitler did not think that women were not equal to men but that the women of Germany had a different role in life. As so as Hitler become in to power he put his plans and ideas in to Acton. Womens role in the new way of life was very important i.e. ...read more.


Hitler wanted the women of Germany to have lots of children from a young age; he hoped to repopulate Germany from the beginning , breeding a new race of pure Aryans without alien races mingling in. Women were encouraged to have children because of the low population due to the First World War. In 1900 there had been 2 million childbirths per year which had dropped to one million. There was a big decrease in birth rate because abortion and contraceptives had recently come available to the general public. To stop the use of contraception and abortion the government offered special loans to new brides so they would not get jobs, after the first child was born to that family 25% of the debt was paid off for them and it continued until they had four children the debt was fully paid off. Eight hundred thousand brides took this new loan. ...read more.


He soon set aside this belief to continue fighting the war and asked women to work while their husbands we at war. More and more men were called up to join the armed forces the amount of man workers decreased and women were needed to fill in for them. So now not only were women supposed to cook, clean and bear many children they were also supposed to work. The women of Germany were given virtually no freedom of choice they were to do what the Furher thought the woman's role should be. Which was why girls were also included in the Hitler youth organisation. They also would be indoctrinated into the nazis ideals and trained to be tough and hard working. Hitler educated the girls as much as he did the boys, they were going to be mother at some point in their lives and he needed them to believe every word he said bout a woman's role in society. ...read more.

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