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Explain the reasons for the Nazi polices towards woman

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Explain the reasons for Nazi polices towards woman The Nazis had a very clear picture of what their ideal women; blue eyes and blonde hair (the typical Aryan German.) She would have broad hips for child bearing but also be athletic. Her clothes would be made from home-produced substitutes; she would wear a full length skirt and flat shoes. They were expected to follow the three k's; 'Kinder, Kirche and K�che' in English it meant 'children, church and cooking.' The modern (1930's) women were frowned upon by the Nazi's; dyed, permed-hair, slim, fashion-conscious and have a professional career. She would wear make-up, trousers, high heels and smoke which was very different to the idealistic view the Nazi's had of women. ...read more.


The Nazi's awarded medals to prolific mothers on mothering Sundays. Bronze medals were awarded to mothers with four or five children, silver for mothers with six or seven children and gold medals where awarded by the fuhrer himself to mothers with eight or more children. Along side the medal system, abortion and the use of birth control was made heavily restricted to back up this policy. The second Nazi policy towards woman is that woman should marry an Aryan man, a law was actually made for the encouragement of marriage in 1993. The Nazi's granted interest free marriage loans to woman who had left work and married an Aryan man. The amount to be repaid fell by a quarter with every child born, therefore if a granted couple had four children the repayment would be cancelled altogether. ...read more.


The reason for this policy was to create the ideal German woman, who's role was unlike a man's role, which was that of a provider and defender, a women's role was a place in the house, having children and caring for the family. Another policy that the Nazi's had towards woman was that the woman should not follow fashions and should lead a healthy lifestyle. The Nazi's encouraged this policy by again introducing the ideas to girls at a young age, most commonly at Hitler youth meetings, where they would do lots of physical exercise. The main reason for this policy was that the Nazi's believed healthy mothers produced healthy children. In conclusion, The Nazi's were successful with their polices as there was an increase in birth rates and marriages of Aryan couples. However I believe Hitler went to bizarre extremes in the effort to create his 'perfect nation.' ...read more.

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