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Explain the reasons why the civil rights movement has failed to achieve in practice, equal rights for black people In the U.S.A.

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26/03/2002. Question 2b: Explain the reasons why the civil rights movement has failed to achieve in practice, equal rights for black people In the U.S.A. By Jaswant. Singh. The civil rights movement had failed to achieve, in practice, equal rights for black people in the USA due to a variety of reasons. The blame could be spread in a few directions, all of which are mentioned below. The following will shows how although the civil rights movement improved the situation, it didn't achieve equality in rights. There were great achievements like Martin Luther King's success around the world, Malcolm X's beliefs in the Nation of Islam and Stokely Carmichael's achievement of black athletes, this was a stand for equality as two Black people won gold and silver medals and then proudly gave a black panther salute whilst listening to American national anthem, but refusing to look at their country's flag. Also Supreme Court passed various acts like the Fair Housing Act in 1968 - making racial discrimination in houses illegal, the Civil Rights Act in 1964 - that attempted to stop discrimination in public places like bars and shops, and the Voting Act in 1965 - that prevented racial discrimination with respect to the right to vote. ...read more.


He referred to them as 'niggers' and admitted if the "good ol' biarhopper Ku Kluxers had got a hold of Martin Luther King, he wouldn't have lived as long as he did." Laws were not bringing blacks equality but still making them the minority whereas whites were still living supreme. Four years before the Voting Act, a poll was taken and 1 out of 11 states just had over 50% of the black people voting, and a year after the Voting Act, it had only risen to four states. Some may call that improvement but those living in Louisiana, where it only rose by 12%, would call that irrational or tedious. In 1960 only 2% of the 42% of black people in the South could vote and therefore Martin Luther King tried to help organize a voter's registration. After 5 years, the Voters Act was made but statistics show within a year improvements were not a great success. The legal side of life was not improving for blacks as successfully as hoped. Black people on the force were about 5% in Detroit and the highest was only 21% in 1970. The black lawyers were also very limited because a source proved that out of 300,000 lawyers, only 3,000 were black. ...read more.


The black population felt their lifestyles should be lived without fear and with respect. The blacks carried a large amount of pent up hate towards blacks and so they began riots against police officers. A cleaning lady from Harlem explained that she worked long hours for a white man and one night during the trouble she went on the roof. She heard guns and it changed her and she picked up a bottle and started attacking a police officer. Also the famous Rodney King case where he was stopped in the street and beaten by 4 policemen, and was caught on video. The policemen got off without being charged causing a riot in L.A and eventually, there were 215 riots between 1964 - 1968. All in all, the failure was split three ways - between the white's supremacy, the faults in laws, and the black's attitudes towards adjusting in hard lifestyles and yes sometimes taking matters into their own hands. The failure was proved evidently due to the various acts being broken, blacks still living in fear, blacks continuously being harassed by white people, black people only being supported by the government but not as much from the other white citizens. The improvements were borderline but couldn't be said that there was an actual achievement of equal rights. ...read more.

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