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Explain the reasons why the civil rights movement has failed to achieve in practice, equal rights for black people in the USA.

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NEAB History Coursework Assignment 2: Question 2 Target: Critical analysis (3.1/3.2) Explain the reasons why the civil rights movement has failed to achieve in practice, equal rights for black people in the USA. The 1960's were turbulent times. Protests of the Vietnam War, new music and new ideas. Young Americans demanded social change. Young President Kennedy was assassinated; many had seen him as the agent of this change. America was divided in many ways; young versus old, liberal versus conservative, democrat versus republican, old versus new, and black versus white. Within my essay I shall look at the different measures taken in the civil rights and why these failed to achieve in practice equal rights for black people in the USA. Signs of improvement was evident during this period of time although it was no where near enough to say it achieved equal rights for black people. When looking at this subject you have to take into consideration that the effects of the civil rights differed in both the south and north of America. ...read more.


For example, in 1967 the Supreme Court ruled that state laws forbidding inter-racial marriages were unconstitutional. Changes in people's attitudes also showed a form of acceptance upon black achievement. Many more black people manage to become a recognized figure, for example a singer. People like Stevie Wonder was and still is an example of this acceptance. As more black people succeeded, confidence among the black community increased as gave more goals to try and strive and achieve. Political influence among the black community played a role in increasing confidence and knowledge. People like Colin Powell and Jesse Jackson managed to accomplish well recognized positions with the American government. This portrayed them as serious, powerful and intelligent people who have major responsibility within the government. This made many people realize, especially in the south that black people were easily capable of achieving providing that they have the right assets to do so. This remained a big problem, as the majority of black people at the time did not have the opportunity or resources to succeed. ...read more.


Many people could not accept the idea of a black person having such authority and power with in the government. There was a clear exclusion of opportunity for black people to achieve such a position of status and power. You can argue and say that this can be shown using the example that the USA has never had a black president, even up to this day. Another point that reflects that the civil rights moment failed to achieve is the idea of the poverty trap. This was the idea that if a black person lived in a ghetto, there was really no way out and achieving something as opportunities and resources were greatly limited, if any. To conclude on my essay, I would say that when you examine and compare the continuity and change gained from the civil rights, there were a lot of changes but the continuity was still present which played a major role on the way black Americans were seen. That is why the civil rights movement failed to achieve in practice, equal rights for black people in the USA. ...read more.

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