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Explain why Roosevelt introduced the New Deal.

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(b) Explain why Roosevelt introduced the New Deal. Roosevelt introduced the New Deal to America in 1933. He started it for many reasons; one being that America was suffering a great depression after the Wall Street crash. After the boom in the early 1920's American industry was prosperous, that was until the factories started to over produce goods, this caused the factories to not sell as much resulting in the shares being sold but at a lower price. The factories could no longer survive so closure was the only possible answer. This caused many problems throughout America, unemployment being one of them. The depression caused 2000 banks to collapse as the confidence in them were minimal. The confidence in the government also lacked as people started to realise that the President was not helping the situation. ...read more.


The agencies that were made to support the unemployed were also helpful to the poor. To help the unemployed the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was set up. It was aimed at anyone aged between 18 and 25 and their aim was plant trees around riverbanks to strengthen them. They did this so that dams could be made by the other unemployment acts. In 1933 the Civil Works Administration (CWA) was set up. It provided relief for the unemployed who were prepared to voluntarily work for the community schemes. This particular agency was replaced by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) although it had the same aims it was much more successful. The workers were paid wages and they built useful public buildings, hospitals, roads, airports, schools and playgrounds. ...read more.


Most of the black people were included in the unemployment acts. Equality was also a problem, at one end of the spectrum there were the rich who wined and dined and at the other end there were people who were living in shantytowns with no running water. To solve this problem, taxes were increased resulting in the money being spent on the poor. Soup kitchens were built to help the poor; this gave them food and shelter. The New Deal was also made to challenge the previous policies of Herbert Hoover. His laws did not work so if Roosevelt contrasted his policies he had a chance of being President. In conclusion 1 feel that this idea was probably why he made the New Deal. He knew it was what the American people wanted so if he could give it to them he would. The New Deal gave the public confidence in the new government whilst recovering the country economically and socially. ...read more.

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