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Explain why Roosevelt introduced the new deal

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Explain why Roosevelt introduced the new deal The 1920's are often called the roaring twenties. The name suggest a time of riotous fun, loud music and wild enjoyment where everyone was having a good time. Businesses were booming, cities were growing and entertainment was an all time high. American life and economy were thriving. However towards the end of the twenties, an event occurred that changed everything. This was the Wall Street crash. It caused the American economy to collapse and the USA entered a long depression that destroyed much of the prosperity of the 1920's. At the time of the depression people were starving and had to get food from charity. ...read more.


Roosevelt said "but above all, try something." Roosevelt's word was fresh and new; he was a positive man who intervened with his people and he gave America hope. America put their trust into Roosevelt and they believed that in the near future, they would be back on their feet once more. The extent of the depression was immense and Congress realised that drastic measures would have to be taken in order to help the people. Roosevelt demanded 'extra powers' and was given them to help America out of this dreadful time; thirteen million people were unemployed. He was given that same authority that would be given if America were being invaded. ...read more.


The third, reform, was to attempt to make America a better place for even the most ordinary of citizens, giving unemployment insurance, pensions and helping the needy and also put faith back into the banking system. His first new deal intended to first help banks and industry, then the unemployed, homeless, the farmers, black people and women. He wanted to help them become stable again - help them to get back on their feet and start a new life. Roosevelt assured America that they "have nothing to fear but fear itself." Overall I think Roosevelt introduced the new deal to pull America out of the depression and give American life and economy a fresh new start. He tried to restore the banking system and passed lots of acts to help restore the economy, however this filed and America was really relieved from the depression when World War 2 started. ...read more.

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