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Explain why Stalin, not Trotsky, emerged as Lenins successor

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Explain why Stalin, not Trotsky, emerged as Lenin's successor Stalin succeeded in many areas, where Trotsky didn't. For example; Stalin had many local supporters, especially in key positions within the party, he had policies which were widely accepted by the communist party and due to the fact that factionalism was made illegal fro m1920, anyone who allied against Stalin could be accused of criminal activity and therefore removed. ...read more.


Since Lenin died there was a huge leadership struggle. Trotsky's 'permanent revolution' was extremely communist, and at this time Trotsky also hated the NEP (new economic policy). Stalin remained mutual during this struggle, Stalin and Bukharin created a simple idea which appealed to patriotism, socialism in one country. This idea suggested that the USSR should become a socialist state and the world would be able to see what a success the USSR had become. ...read more.


is personally the most capable man in the present Cental Committee". In the testament Lenin made his opinions of Stalin and Trotsky clear. After Lenin died, the USSR believed that Trotsky wouldn't win. Stalin may not be a greater leader than Trotsky, but Trotsky's failure was down to himself. Trotsky was arrogant and often offended members of the party, especially the seniors. This did him no favour with gaining support and popularity. Stalin was clever in his approach to success. He began as the "inarticulate man in the background" ...read more.

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