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Explain why the League of Nations failed to stop the Japanese invasion of Manchuria

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?Explain why the League of Nations failed to stop the Japanese invasion of Manchuria? The League of Nations was one of Woodrow Wilsons 14 points following WW1, and is a group of countries that collaborated on ways to keep world peace. However, when it came to intervening in the Japanese invasion of Manchuria it was largely regarded as a failure. The most important reason for the League of Nation?s failure was the failure to uphold the morals that it stood for. Despite the fact that Japan was found to be the aggressor in the invasion of Manchuria, nothing could be decided in terms of what to do with Japan after Japan refused to follow the orders of the League and instead left the league in order to follow their own plans. ...read more.


Other countries believed that Japan was in the right despite the Lytton report stating that Japan was in the wrong, and the fact that the countries in the league were more concerned about their own country rather than others contributed to the morals of the league not being upheld. Another reason for the fact that the league failed to stop the invasion was its ineffectiveness in reporting on the situation, due to the fact that the morals of the league were not upheld and leading to the invasion of Manchuria being of a lower priority to the league rather than incidents in Europe since most of the countries were European. ...read more.


The League?s ineffectiveness was contributed to by the fact that the USA remained outside the League. Since the USA was outside the League and isolationist, even if the League had decided to take actions against Japan most of the actions would be useless as the USA was still willing to trade with Japan in order to improve its own economy and still had a better economy compared to other countries despite the global economic depression. The fact that the USA did not have to follow any rules even if they were placed by the League meant that Japan were able to use the USA as a loophole in gaining support for future army advancements. ...read more.

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