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Explain why the loyalists have been rioting in Ireland.

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Modern World Study Coursework 2002 1. Explain why the loyalists have been rioting in Ireland. Loyalists are rioting in Ireland because of religious and political hatred and to get their voices heard on their opinion of whether or not Ireland should become a united and independent republic. In 1641, Catholics in Ireland massacred Protestants because in Ulster, they were losing their land to Protestants. This massacre is still used today as an example to by Protestants to show Catholics as "bloody thirsty rebels" who can not be trusted. Later in 1649, Cromwell's Protestant troops massacred Catholics at Drogheda. Sources show that Cromwell and his soldiers believe that the Catholic religion was wrong and only Protestants were true Christians and some sources also show how they also believed the propaganda of the Protestant massacre. These reasons help to explain why Cromwell massacred the Catholics but the only justifications are that he wanted to teach the Catholics rebels a lesson and that this massacre was just a tit for tat killing which happens a lot in modern Ireland. The hatred result from these two massacres is still remembered today which remains as one of the reasons for the rioting Protestant Loyalists. The loyalists could be rioting to show their superiority over the Catholic Republicans as they do on the Protestant marches; these marches take place every year on July 12th to remember the Battle of the Boyne (1690) ...read more.


People would be left unemployed and out on the streets causing more violent acts. If rioting and violence continue in Northern Ireland more British Troops will be put on the streets by the British government and under the Good Friday Agreement and the Downing Street Declaration, the number of troops in Ireland were to be reduced. This breaking of the agreement on the British behalf would lead to a threat to the peace process because neither side will believe that Britain will stick to the Peace agreement and they would pull out of the Good Friday agreement and terrorism will strike once again. The UDA (Ulster Defence Association) agreed to the Good Friday Agreement, which allowed UDA prisoners out of jail early and now "the organisation had reneged (gone back) on its commitment to the peace process" by the prisoners causing problems on the streets. The Good Friday Agreement would have to be abandoned. On the other hand, if the rioting stops, lives will be saved and the peace process may be able to move forward because both sides will listen and talk to each other which in turn should help decommissioning. Most residents in Ireland just want a peaceful solution and this was shown in a video "The Downing Street Declaration" when children from a primary school pleaded for a peaceful Christmas while Bill Clinton visited. ...read more.


This shows that they are both attempting to make peace last this time. The history of the massacres (see question one) of 1641 and 1649 is a good example of a tit for tat killing. These murders still take place today because the Loyalists will not let the Republicans have the last shot and vice versa. The amount of Peace talks which have failed because either one political party or another will not attend shows that not all of the parties are willing to work together and I feel that this is needed for peace to succeed this time. I also feel that neither side is going to compromise on the decision of whether Northern Ireland should stay partitioned or not. The Republicans want a united and independent country only and the Loyalists want Northern Ireland to stay part of the UK and nothing else. They are both obstinate and will not give in. A peaceful solution can not be found because there is always going to be something wrong with the solution from either the Republicans/Catholics and the Loyalists/Protestants because there opinions of what should be done are so narrow. Peace could be found if they were willing to listen and compromise with each other but I believe that this will not happen. ...read more.

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