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Explain why there were such different reactions in the USA to the country's involvement in the conflict in Vietnam in the 1960's

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Explain why there were such different reactions in the USA to the country's involvement in the conflict in Vietnam in the 1960's There were many different reactions to the war in Vietnam in the 1960's. There were many different factors that effected peoples reaction to the war within the media. Peoples' reactions also changed as the war intensified. Hawks were people who believed that the war should take place and people that were against the war were known as Doves. There were plenty of reasons for which people wanted the war in Vietnam to occur. Firstly, gun manufacturers such as 'Armalite', who manufactured the M16, were for the involvement of the USA in Vietnam because they could make money out of the retailing of these products to Americans as well as selling them to Vietnamese people. ...read more.


Firstly there was video coverage of the 'My Lai Massacre' and the 'TET offensive'. This exposure made Americans more against the war because it showed the devastation they were bringing to innocent people and it also showed America to be losing so people thought America should pull out of the war before they get beaten. Newspapers also contributed to giving false information about the war. In reaction to this people did protested and wrote letters to try and convince the government to get the American troops out of Vietnam. Some people also thought that it was a waste of time and money and the money spent on sending troops out to Vietnam could be spent on more effective things for the economy such as teacher training or better facilities in hospitals. There were also the people that thought it was not America's business to be involved in the war because it was a war between Vietnam and so America should stay out of the war. ...read more.


Another reason for people not wanting the war in Vietnam is that soldiers were scared for their lives. "Any man who walks 50 yards through the elephant grass should automatically get a Purple Heart." US Soldier. This shows his apprehension in going to war and through the elephant grass. He portrays this fear by saying that soldiers should get the highest of bravery awards for going to war. Overall there were many different people that had different views on the war in Vietnam in the 1960's. The people that wanted the war mainly wanted to prevent the spread of Communism and to make money. However, the people that were against the war were possibly influenced by the media showing the American's to be barbaric and also didn't want people to feel pain that they may have formerly experienced or witnessed. I would say that generally people were more against the war but people did have strong views for why they thought the war was a good idea. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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