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Factors of the rise of Hitler

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Factors of the rise of Hitler The treaty of Versailles, 22 June 1919.This only dealt with Germany. The peace treaty imposed upon Germany at Versailles by the victorious allies was an impossible burden for a country already crippled by the human and material cost of the war. The prospect for a success was weak. The allies maintained their naval blockade while their armies threatened to resume their attacks on German forces if the German Government refused to accept the treaty 1919-1920. Shortage of materials and food 1918 - 1920 French occupation of Saar 1919 - 1926 Hyperinflation 1922 - 1923 had been a latent threat to the republic since 1918, but in mid April 1923 the German mark collapsed and by August the exchange rate stood at four and a half million marks to the American dollar. ...read more.


SA members were provided with a distinctive Brown shirt emblazoned with the swastika in 1924 - 1945 Paramilitary organisations 1924 - 1945 Weak Weimar Republic 1919 - 1933 The new prosperity depended on American loans, and if they stopped German industries would collapse. Strong leadership Weak leadership 1919 - 1923 Death of Stesemann On 3 October 1929 Stesemann died, then on 28 October the American stock market crashed wiping out billions of dollars worth of shares overnight, and sending financial shock waves around the world, and the USA slid into depression. German banks and businesses that depend on loans from the USA had to close because of the USA withdrawal of loans. Industrial production fell by 30% and unemployment rose to 5 1/2 million in 1932. ...read more.


Scapegoats; communists normally were more radical Socialists. Reichstag fire of 27 February 1933 Hitler persuaded Hindenburg to pass an emergency decree banning socialist and communist meetings and allowing the arrest of the left wingers. In March 1933 Hitler called elections, which the Nazis won with 44% of the vote. Hung parliament Nazi propaganda was organised by Joseph gobbles to persuade Germans to believe in Nazisim. Hitler realised the importance of propaganda and used it to target many Germans' specific grievances. Unemployment which dropped to a relative low point of one and a quarter million in august 1929, reached three million by December and seemed set to reach four million by the end of 1930. By the winter of 1932 about one third of the German workforce was unemployed. Re - armament Enabling Act, 1933 24 March Law for terminating the suffering of the people and the Nation renewed in 1938. ...read more.

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