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Factsheet Based on the Romans

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´╗┐Factsheet about Ancient Rome ________________ This Factsheet is produced by Me, Gautam Chadha but I have not physically found out any of this information. It has been found on the internet. There is a full Bibliography on page .. that includes all the sources of the information used in this factsheet. 1. A tells us that Rome was formed by two twin brother, Romulus and Remus. 2. The legend also suggests that they (Romulus and Remus) were abandoned by their parents and raised by a single wolf. 3. Remus and Romulus argued over the boundaries of this city. 4. The city of Rome formed from a small village. ...read more.


12. Hannibal was killed by being starved to death forcibly. 13. Hannibal still somehow managed to win a few battles. 14. In 73 B.C. a slave named Spartacus led a revolt and managed to gather 60,000 slaves. 15. Slaves in Ancient Rome made up to 40% of the population. 16. The Emperor Hadrian ruled for 21 years from A.D. 117 until A.D. 138 17. Emperor Hadrian was responsible for the building of Hadrian?s Wall in England 18. Hadrian died of an illness on July 10, 138 AD at the age of 62 years. 19. Hadrian was born in Spain as Publius Aelius Hadrianus. ...read more.


Meat was a very rare treat for the poor. 29. Rich Romans had food cooked at home in the kitchen by slaves. 30. Rich Romans frequently ate pigeon as a starter for dinner 31. Lettuce was served at the end of a meal because Romans believed it helped you sleep. 32. Roman children had some toys very like ones we play with today - such as toy soldiers, rattles, balls, doll's 33. Favourite roman pets were dogs, birds and MONKEYS! 34. Slaves were never paid for their work, and sometimes beaten by cruel owners. 35. Several rich peoples favourites were dormice served with honey 36. The language we used today was developed from the Romans. 37. The laws and ways we determine what to do with someone who is accused of breaking a law came originally from the Roman Empire. ...read more.

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